सिद्ध योग एक ध्यान-करू-सोपे आणि x

सिद्ध योग एक ध्यान-करू-सोपे आणि जप स्थित योग आहे. सिद्ध योग उत्क्रांतीच्या कळस करण्यासाठी व्यावसायिकांनी

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Sadgurudev Siyag's Yoga is an easy-to-do meditation and chanting based yoga. This Spiritual Yoga seeks to take practitioners to the pinnacle of evolution and ultimately bring about the Divine Transformation of all mankind.
In this process the practitioner is freed from all kinds of physical diseases, mental afflictions, stress and any kind of addiction. Sadgurudev Siyag's Spiritual Yoga is absolutely free and open to every human being, irrespective of gender, religion, nationality, colour or language.

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