Samarth Sadgurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag

His Spiritual Mission for Divine Transformation of Humanity

Spiritual Science

<<Photo, Spreading lights from “Sadgurudev Siyag’s mission” to entire world, all casts, for spiritual progress, for getting cure from all type of disease ( we can arrange all these in corner and “Sadgurudev Siyag’s mission” in centre.>>
Sadgurudev Siyag’s mission is for every human being, irrespective of gender, religion, nationality, language, race or age. People based in different corners of the world are undergoing involuntary yogic movements and benefitting from spiritual meditation on Sadgurudev Siyag’s image. As medical science gives results for all human beings, so does spiritual science. Further, there is no barrier of time and space in this practice.
Spiritual Meditation can be practiced:

By Anyone

of any religion, race, nationality 


morning, noon, evening, night 

For any duration

5, 10, 18, 30 minutes   


Home, office, park, hotel  


on floor, bed, couch, Sofa

In any position

cross-legged, lying down, relaxed, sitting on chair

Facing any direction

East, west, south, north etc. 

By any age

child, young, middle-aged, old 

For any disease

Physical, mental, spiritual and any kind of addiction 

For freedom from any stress

related to family, business, work or existential questions