Is International Relations a Good Major?

International Relations is a course aimed at understanding and promoting States in the global interstates system. This studies the relationships between nations and countries, their interaction and how the actions of one country are received by members of another country. International relations studies the key elements in international interactions between states and governments. 

This course explains the behaviors and actions of private, state, governmental and non-government institutions responsible for International interactions and how these affect cross-border trades and businesses. International Relations as a course studies the psychological, political and social psychology processes as major factors contributing to the reason behind International laws and policies governing the global relationship of nations. It can be called International studies, global studies or International affairs, depending on the Institution at which you study it.

Why Study International Relations?

International Relations is a social science course combining many related subjects to give students the essential skills to investigate and research the relationship between nations and governing bodies. With the broad areas International Relations covers, students would be learning about a wide number of organizations such as the U.N, World Bank, W.H.O, E.U, and many others, understanding their political, social and economic nature.

As a course, International Relations introduces students to common theories and ideologies associated with these organizations. Familiarizing you with the basics of cross-country relationships, how they operate, and carry out political activities and trades. This course first tackles historical events and the very beginning of Global Interaction, preparing students and helping them understand the origin of what we now see today. The best way to understand today’s global world is to understand how it all started, which is why International Relations are key to those important historical events that brought about globalization today.

Benefits of Studying International Relations

International Relation is one of the best ways to break into the political and government scene, with traditional knowledge of economic and social activities involved in politics. This course provides a clearer view of historical events that helped start International relationships and trades, problems faced during International relationships and offers solutions for these problems. This properly equips graduates with the right skills required to help promote international relationships between countries through their understanding of various nations and how they interact with other countries. Some of the benefits of International Relations include;


Studying International Relations has helped promote globalization. Globalization is a term describing how International trades and technologies have made the world a more connected and interdependent community and how this relationship between nations and organizations has made mankind develop and achieve various goals faster and more effectively.

Unity in Diversity

Studying International Relations helps one understand another country’s culture, society, economy and political activities. Through historical research and international studies carried out while taking the major, students have a better understanding of various other countries, sharing their strengths and similarities to promote a more effective relationship and embrace unity in our diversity.

Establishment of International Bodies

Studying International Relations also teaches the laws and policies governing International trade and activities. This has led to International Bodies not being bonded to any particular country or region that helps enforce these laws and ensures smooth relationships between nations. These bodies include the U.N., World Bank, UNICEF, etc.

Career Opportunities in International Relations

International Relations is a very diverse course, touching on various topics, fields and career paths to help its students better understand the global relationship of the world. This course promoted and encompasses various ideas in politics, law, sociology and psychology, using research methods to gather, analyze and create information on various organizations properly. Tackling issues and problems involved in international trade and communications.

With this diversity, graduates of International Relations are skilled enough to work in private, government and international industries, carrying out research and providing solutions to international disputes, and promoting effective interaction across borders; with this, graduates can work as;

  • Political Consultants
  • Nation Ambassadors
  • International Lawyer
  • Government Relations officer
  • Intelligence Specialist 
  • Translator
  • International marketing Specialist
  • Economic Analyst
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager

As a major, International Relations teaches students the required skill they need, combining both national and international research to understand various countries and their relationships with others properly. This is a well sought-after degree and one worth it, either at a Bachelor’s, Master or even Doctorate level, with assurance to a good-paying career and even entrepreneurship possibilities.

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