Is Supply Chain Management a Good Major?

Supply Chain Management is handling the flow of goods and services from the point of production, monitoring all processes of raw materials transformation to the point of finished production. They help to streamline processes, improve productivity and help increase the general efficiency of production processes. Supply Chain Management handles from top to bottom of production processes, from the extraction of raw materials right down to the purchase by consumers. 

This course provides students with the ability to handle business budgeting, time regulation, and quality standards strictly to ensure quality and effective productivity. With a course this broad and resourceful, the opportunities it provides access to are endless. Supply Chain Management acts are the standard for production, distribution and consumption in today’s world’s business marketplace.

Why Study Supply Chain Management

There are endless possibilities in this course. For the proper use, it provides a highly rewarding career where you can directly contribute to the development and advancement of whatever industry you choose to niche in. Supply Chain Management and logistics provide a huge marketplace for the expansion and advancement of various industries through well-trained and strictly applied rules that would enable efficient production and triple profits.

This is a course that offers practical knowledge in business procurement, operations, accounting and production. With a marketplace said to skyrocket over the next five years, with a 4.8% annual growth, there is certainly enough room for those considering taking up the major. This means there would be more jobs available for professionals and high demand for supply chain managers, so why not dive into it now? 

Benefits of Studying Supply Chain Management

There is no doubt that Supply Chain Management is a globally impacting career choice that provides an ever-evolving industry that is charged with designing, tracking and executing the various stages of production within an interconnected marketplace. A career in Supply Chain Management helps advance an individual’s decision-making skills, strategizing skills, organizational skills, budgeting and general leadership skills, which are very important for survival in today’s business world.

As mentioned before, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a large course with various other instrumental subjects under it that provides room for specialization. But as a parent course, SCM touches and gives a strong foundation on all these subjects and courses in production and distribution. SCM provides maximum benefits for graduates looking to enter the business world of production management, with core insights in important fields such as;

Supply Chain Strategy

SCM gives students core insights into the supply system, exploring every stage in the supply chain and how to exploit it for maximum productivity strategically. This provides matrices from proper analysis, design, technological research, production coordination, customer services and related corporal social and government regulations to formulate effective strategies.

Logistics Management

Logistics is undoubtedly an important aspect of production, and production needs to be distributed and supplied for consumption; this is where Logistics Management comes in. With the completion of SCM, you would be properly grounded in the effective distribution and supply required for excellent product delivery.

Financial Tracking Models

As a student preparing for proper business management, SCM believes you should be taught some important business decision models and skills for success, such as how to properly navigate and use Excel spreadsheets and Tableau to input and record financial progress in supply Chain, its analyses and strategies.

Global Supply Chain Management 

SCM gives an insight into the world of globalization, providing business skills situated to cross borders and continents with models designed to succeed anywhere across the world. This helps graduates understand economic factors, adjusting political, social and technological dynamics that are now influencing the world and how best to convert them for self benefits.

Career Opportunities in Supply Chain Management 

The career options for Supply Chain Management graduates are endless. With diverse opportunities in various industries, it’s almost impossible to rule the course out because it is, without a doubt, one of the backbones of any business that wants to grow, become profitable, and maintain such profitability. SCM graduate work ranges from purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and even customer service. Since the supply chain system is complex and requires strategy, job opportunities in this field are highly expansive, and they include;

  • Logistics Analyst
  • Operation Manager
  • Storage and Distribution Manager
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Production Planner
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst 
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Procurement Analyst

If you’re still considering taking up Supply Chain Management as a major in college, this is a sign to do so. There are endless possibilities associated with the industry it introduces you to, and the course gives you maximum productivity, mindset and the skills required to survive in the business world today.

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