Delaware Universities and Colleges

Delaware is home to a number of institutions of higher education, including both public and private universities and colleges. The state has a relatively small population, which is reflected in the size of its higher education system. However, despite its size, Delaware offers a diverse range of options for students seeking higher education.

One of the most well-known institutions in the state is the University of Delaware, which is a public research university located in Newark. The university has a strong reputation for its academic programs, particularly in the areas of engineering, business, and the sciences. It also offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts and humanities, as well as professional programs in fields such as education, nursing, and public policy.

Another prominent public institution in Delaware is Delaware State University, which is located in Dover. Like the University of Delaware, Delaware State is a comprehensive university that offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. It has a strong focus on preparing students for careers in fields such as agriculture, education, and the sciences. It also has a number of research centers and institutes that focus on topics such as renewable energy, biotechnology, and social justice.

In addition to these public institutions, Delaware is home to several private colleges and universities. One of the oldest and most prestigious of these is Wesley College, which was founded in 1873 and is located in Dover. Wesley is a liberal arts college that offers undergraduate programs in fields such as biology, business, education, and psychology. It also has a strong athletics program and offers a range of extracurricular activities and organizations for students.

Another private institution in the state is Goldey-Beacom College, which is located in Wilmington. Goldey-Beacom is a small college that focuses on undergraduate education in fields such as business, psychology, and criminal justice. It also offers graduate programs in business administration and management.

Other private institutions in Delaware include Wilmington University, which is a comprehensive university that offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of fields, and the Delaware College of Art and Design, which is a specialized college that focuses on visual arts and design.

Overall, Delaware’s higher education system offers a range of options for students seeking higher education. Whether students are interested in research-focused universities, liberal arts colleges, or specialized institutions, they can find a program that meets their needs in Delaware. Additionally, the state’s small size and proximity to major urban centers on the East Coast make it an attractive destination for students seeking a quality education in a convenient location.