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What is Pepperdine University Known For? Rankings, Acceptance Rate, Scholarships and more 

Pepperdine University is a private institution located in Malibu, California. It was founded by George Pepperdine in South Los Angeles in 1937. The University has since established itself as a renowned Christian institution. Pepperdine University is known for its stunning campus along the Pacific Coast Highway with picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean. The campus spans 830 acres, offering a tranquil and inspiring setting for learning.

As for academic structure, Pepperdine operates on a semester-based calendar. While it covers many fields, it’s particularly recognized for its excellent business, law, and exemplary arts programs. The University’s Graziadio Business School is notable for its strong MBA program. Pepperdine University has been consistently recognized as one of the top universities in the United States, particularly for its law school and business programs. The acceptance rate varies by school and program but is generally competitive. This unique institution combines the resources of a major research university with the personalized attention of a smaller liberal arts college. With its serene location and vital academic programs, Pepperdine University has become a respected higher-education choice.

Pepperdine University Ranking

Pepperdine University has earned a prominent place among American universities with numerous accolades and recognition. In recent rankings from reputable sources, Pepperdine University’s dedication to academic excellence and holistic education shines through:

1. U.S. News & World Report (2024): Pepperdine University holds a strong position in the U.S. News rankings. In the U.S. News National Universities category for 2024, Pepperdine is noted for its commitment to quality education, ranking as #76 in the nation.

2. Best Undergraduate Teaching: Pepperdine University is recognized for its exceptional undergraduate teaching as #62 in the nation, fostering an environment where students can thrive.

3. Top Performers on Social Mobility: The University is acknowledged for its dedication to providing opportunities for students from all walks of life, making it one of the top performers on social mobility as #93 in the nation.

4. Best Value Schools: Pepperdine University is lauded as one of the best value schools, offering a high-quality education that is also cost-effective, hence ranking #55.

5. Best University for Studying Abroad: Pepperdine provides an outstanding experience for international students, aiding them in transitioning to university life and the country in general, giving it the #12 rank.

These rankings and recognitions signify Pepperdine University’s commitment to academic excellence, teaching, social inclusivity, and providing value to its students. They showcase Pepperdine’s reputation as a prestigious institution dedicated to delivering a well-rounded education.

Pepperdine University Acceptance Rate

Gaining admission to Pepperdine University is competitive, and meeting the University’s academic requirements is crucial. As of 2023, Pepperdine University maintains a selective admissions policy, meaning applicants should be well-prepared to enhance their chances of acceptance. Pepperdine University’s specific acceptance rate may vary according to its schools, but it has a general 52.7% acceptance rate. To bolster your admission prospects, aspiring students should aim to meet or exceed the criteria outlined below:

Standardized Test Scores: To be a competitive applicant, it is advisable to target scores at or above the 75th percentile among national test-takers. For instance, achieving an SAT score of around 1400 or higher and an ACT score of approximately 32 or more would be advantageous.

Grade Point Average (GPA): A strong academic record is essential. Maintaining a GPA of 3.50 or higher demonstrates a solid foundation for academic success.

Early Decision Admission: Pepperdine University offers two rounds of early decision admission. Applying through these early decision rounds can provide applicants with a significant advantage in the admission process.

Pepperdine University Admission Requirement

Gaining admission to Pepperdine University can be challenging, and meeting their admission requirements is essential for prospective students. At the same time, the specific requirements may vary. The University maintains competitive admissions standards, as it even considers standardized test scores as part of its admission process. High test scores can significantly enhance your application. Successful applicants often send ACT scores in the top 15 percent nationally, with accepted minimum ACT composite scores of around 30 in some cases. Candidates with ACT scores of 31 or higher may have a competitive advantage. Pepperdine University also looks for strong SAT scores, with the middle 50% of admitted students typically scoring in a specific range. Applicants should check the University’s official admissions website for the most up-to-date score requirements. Pepperdine University often also admits students who have excelled in their high school education, including those who rank in the top quarter of their high school graduating class. Successful applicants typically have a record of academic achievement.

Pepperdine University Location

Pepperdine University is situated in a stunning location known for its scenic beauty. The campus of Pepperdine University is renowned for its picturesque setting and architectural theme. The University is located in Malibu, California, with a campus on a breathtaking coastal region that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Pepperdine’s proximity to the ocean and stunning views make it a unique and beautiful campus. The campus spans over 830 acres of beautiful and spacious land, providing ample room for academic facilities, student housing, and recreational areas.

Pepperdine University boasts a campus known for its remarkable scenery, which contributes to a serene and inspiring environment for students, faculty, and staff. The coastal beauty of Malibu, California, adds to the allure of the campus, making it an ideal setting for academic pursuits and personal growth. The campus’s design and architecture are tailored to harmonize with the surrounding natural landscape, creating a unique and visually appealing environment for the university community.

Pepperdine University Notable Alumni

Pepperdine University takes pride in its distinguished alumni who have excelled in various fields. While it may not have specific rankings like Forbes, it has produced accomplished individuals who have made significant contributions. Here are some notable alumni of Pepperdine University:

Ken Starr: Renowned attorney and former president of Baylor University, known for his role as an independent counsel in the investigation of President Bill Clinton.

Gail Abarbanel: Founder and director of the Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault.

Sam Acho: NFL player, philanthropist, and author recognized for his community service and advocacy for social justice.

Pam Tebow: Mother of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and an influential pro-life and pro-family advocate.

Mark Davis: Radio talk show host and author known for his work in broadcasting.

Margaret Judson: Actress who has appeared in various TV series and films, including “The Newsroom” and “The Mentalist.”

Jeffrey King: An Emmy Award-winning television producer and director celebrated for his work in the entertainment industry.

Rick J. Caruso: Real estate developer and founder of Caruso, a real estate company known for developments like The Grove in Los Angeles.

These notable alumni from Pepperdine University have made their mark in diverse areas, reflecting the University’s commitment to fostering leadership and excellence in various fields.

Pepperdine University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

As a prestigious university of world-class quality, Pepperdine University has a considerable fee for tuition, accommodation, and educational materials. Below is a full compilation of the necessary fees and tuition at Pepperdine University:

  • Freshman Resident:

– Tuition & Fees: $56,002

– Room: $9,824

– Board (Meal Plan): $6,830

– Books: $1,964

– Transportation: Variable

– Miscellaneous: $3,354

 TOTAL: $78,974

  • Continuing Resident:

– Tuition & Fees: $56,002

– Room: $9,824

– Board (Meal Plan): $6,830

– Books: $1,964

– Transportation: Variable

– Miscellaneous: $3,354

 TOTAL: $78,974

Pepperdine University Scholarship

Pepperdine University offers various scholarship opportunities to help students with their educational expenses. These scholarships can cover partial to total tuition costs. It’s important to note that Pepperdine provides scholarships based on financial need and merit.

To qualify for these scholarship options at Pepperdine University, students may need to demonstrate their need to receive financial aid scholarships. Additionally, merit-based scholarships are awarded to exceptional students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements or possess specific talents or skills.

For detailed information on Pepperdine University’s scholarship programs, eligibility requirements, and application procedures, visit the official Pepperdine University website or contact their financial aid office for the most up-to-date information.

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