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Discover the 10 Best Culinary Schools in Texas

10 Best Culinary Schools in Texas

Food is one of the essentials we can’t do without, everyone has their favorite food. Food sparks arguments bring people together and give joy when served. While food does all these most times it’s just a passing thought on our heads on how who and where the food that excites us comes from because all we can think about is how to devour and savor the delicacy before us.

Today we are going behind the scenes of food to the culinary schools that teach our able chefs how to come up with those mouth-watering delicacies they whip up to serve us every time we sit at their tables. You would think all a chef needs is a kitchen and what he makes magic happen but there is the backstage aspect nobody ever sees but is very real called the culinary school and it’s not always an easy choice, especially in Texas, a place that is seen as a melting pot of Southern, Western and Mexican traditions, this means there’s a whole lot of food choices available in this state.

We are going to show you the best of culinary schools available in the state of Texas to make your pathway to being a Michelin star chef a little easier.

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Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

This school is named after the Legendary chef and is based in Austin. It is ranked the best culinary school by Pencil chef. It offers an Associate degree in Applied science of Culinary Arts, pastry arts, Diploma in culinary arts, and pastry arts. They actively believe in protecting the environment by encouraging recycling and sourcing local products and as much as possible enforce farm-to-table eating for its classroom. 95% of students who graduated from this school are employed in the restaurant industry almost immediately after graduation.

Culinary Institute Lenotre

This school is in Houston. It was founded in 1998 by chefs Alain and Marie Lenotre. They offer degrees in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts, Hospitality/Restaurant Management and Associate degrees in menu development, wine fundamentals and nutrition. There are financial aid available for most of its students and has 100% acceptance rates for students.

The International Culinary School at the Art Institutes

This is a small college located in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. It offers degrees in culinary arts, food service, pastry and baking arts and multimedia. It has an enrollment of about and the acceptance rate is 100%. It is known for teaching its students industry-standard culinary skills.

The Culinary School of Fort Worth

This school is located in Dallas. It has a hands on approach to teaching students. They spend most of time in the kitchen giving them the background for being successful in the kitchen. They have externship programs to further enhance the kitchen experience, this breeds excellence and passion for food.

Culinary Institute of America

This is located in San Antonio but its most popular campus is in New York. It has trained some of the best chefs in our day. This campus has 4 test kitchens for a hands-on approach to learn or enhance the students culinary skills. They offer Degree and Associate degree programs in culinary or pastry and baking arts. They welcome students who want to earn a degree, individuals who want to polish their skills in the kitchen, or entrepreneurs hoping to venture into the food service industry.

St Philips College

It is located in San Antonio a great city for those pursuing a career in culinary arts. it has a fairly large amount of students. Its culinary arts program gives the students the competence required to be a successful chef. It offers a number of interesting classes for the culinary arts degree such as cooking and dining services, and international cuisines.

Collin Community College

It is located in McKinney, it is a fairly large and competitive College with an enrollment of over 10000. It offers either an Associate or degree programme in culinary arts. The programme takes a hands on approach to food preparation courses and offers insight into foods from all over the world. The curriculum was designed by industry experts and taught by professionals.

Austin Community College

It is located in Austin and has a large population with an enrollment of about 8000 students. They offer a degree in culinary arts or pastry art, they also have the option of an Associate degree. They offer courses that enable you plan a menu, direct and run a kitchen and these skills are put to test in their student-run restaurants in the school.

El Centro College

It is located in Dallas and has a large number of students. They have an excellent culinary program with 3 pathways; hands-on participation in the kitchen, work related experience and the classroom instructions to help prepare you for life in the food service industry. They offer degree programmes in culinary arts, pastry arts, food and hospitality service.

Tarrant Community College

This is located in Tarrant and are the only ones offering a comprehensive program of study in that area. It has a 100% acceptance rate. A cursory glance at their website reveals the courses they take to prepare their students for excelling in the food service industry, these include Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Garde manager. Graduates of this school have a practical chef experience acquired in state-of-the-art food service facilities.

Del Mar College

It is located in Corpus Christi. It offers degrees in Culinary arts, baking and pastry arts and hospitality management. The programme is fast-paced and designed through theory and practice to prepare students mentally and effectively for an impressive and exciting career in the food service industry. There are scholarships and financial aid available for students of the college.

San Jacinto College

It is located in Pasadena. It is a fairly large college and has a 100% acceptance rate. It offers degree courses in Culinary arts and Baking and Pastry arts. There are financial aid and scholarships available for students. It equips their students for the fast-paced life of the food industry and how to stay above board with their practical teaching techniques.

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