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A Look at the 10 Best Nursing Schools in North Carolina

Best Nursing Schools in North Carolina

Choosing a career path is hard enough with so many options to choose from. Choosing a college to attend in order to walk the career path you have chosen most times turns to a herculean task because choice of college to attend sometimes becomes a decision that can make or break your budding career. It would seem people are judged by the colleges they attend before any other thing that is why the Ivy League schools always seem like the best choice because of the prestige it comes with. We are here to make your work a little bit easier by showing you the best colleges to attend if you have chosen nursing as a career path. These colleges are all located in North Carolina and have been chosen based on data and statistics gathered about the number of students who take the NCLEX licensing exams and the rate at which these students pass the exams. We also based it on how they shape the life of their nursing students to better their society after college.

Here are the colleges to choose from for your BSN dreams;

Duke University

This university is in Durham and it is a private school, this makes the tuition higher but I assure you it is well worth it. It has been tagged one is the best in the Nation by “U. S. News and world report”. No matter if the area of nursing you are out for the, be it the clinical or research aspect, Duke is a perfect fit. It offers an accelerated program to students and creates opportunity for them to be licensed upon graduation. It also fits students who would want to further their studies to earn an MSN or DNP. The immersion program they have avails students enrolled in their ABSN program to complete their clinical hours even while abroad.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

This school is popular for its level of excellence. It has web called one of the best school of Nursing by the American Health Council. It has an accelerated program for those who already hold a bachelor degree in another field. It was one of the first to pursue nursing research as a field of study in the U. S. Their students start their clinical rounds from year one which gives them a more hands on experience. The pass rate for students from the school in the licensing exam is very applaudable.

University of North Carolina Greensboro

This university also gets high marks from the U. S. News and world report. They have a lot of options for nursing students to choose from, they have the normal BSN, to the veteran or military BSN, to the second degree BSN and also the online nursing option. The tuition is quite affordable for in-state students.

University of North Carolina Wilmington

This is a part of the UNC, which has aided in it attaining an impressive reputation though it’s one of the youngest Colleges on the list. Even though most of their students take the traditional BSN route, their online program is one of the best in the nation and the rate at which their students scale through the licensing exams shows they are teaching the students well.

East Carolina University

This is popularly known as ECU. The National League for Nursing, recognized ECU nursing college as a centre of excellence in nursing education”. It not only provides the big school atmosphere and an impressive pass rate for nursing licensing exam, it comes at a low rate tuition especially for in-state students. It has several nursing options available to it’s students including the accelerated and traditional options. It opportunes it’s student to work with the other healthcare professionals because they all share the health science campus together.

University of North Carolina Charlotte

It is part of the UNC community, recognized by the U. S. news and world report for its commitment to raising competent and compassionate nurses. They provide students with an all round education, this helps students who are still indecisive of the particular area of nursing they want to focus on, it prepares them to work in the different health care settings. It has a low-cost tuition and is easily the most urbanized UNC campus.

Winston-Salem State university

It gives nursing students an all round education which enables them rise up to any challenge professionally, this is to aid them get jobs quickly after graduation. It has an excellent pass rate got the NCLEX exams required for licensing. The tuition rate is not expensive too which makes it an option for students.

Appalachian State university

It has an in-state low tuition rate and the school is surrounded by nature which gives it a total look. It’s curriculum covers pediatrics, adult health care, leadership and lots more which gives students a holistic view of nursing science. It has the option of traditional, accelerated and even bridge BSN for non-traditonal students or RNs.

Western Carolina University

This is a competitive program and the school only offers admissions in the fall and spring semesters. It is often ranked as one of the top public school for undergraduate studies. It focuses on raising health care professionals who would rise to any health care challenge in undeserved areas. It couples classroom education with hands on health care experience in health care agencies because they start their clinicals in the first semester for the traditional BSN students.

Gardner Webb University

This school sees nursing and a calling because of its Christian focus approach on education. The curriculum focuses on social awareness, therapeutic relationships and others which are built on Christian values. This approach to education makes them let their nursing students work together with others in the medical field so they can get a holistic approach to the career. Their values are modelled by each member of the nursing faculty.

Queens University of Charlotte

This college has Presbyterian affiliations but is open to all. It has the option of the traditional and accelerated programs for its students. Charlotte is home to premium health care systems and these students are availed of those opportunities. The curriculum covers pediatrics, maternity, community health etc.

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