Is Biology a Good Major?

Biology is simply the scientific study of life forms. Biology helps us understand the inner workings of organisms which are made up of cells that process information encoded in genes. Through evolution, biology explains the unity and diversity of different organisms and their need to move, grow, explore and reproduce.

Biology deals with all the physicochemical processes of life. However, it has driven a more modern tendency of cross-disciplinary research aimed at unifying scientific knowledge and information from different fields. This has integrated other major aspects of science, chemistry, medicine, and physics into biology, birthing and promoting biochemistry, biomedicine, biophysics and other cross-disciplines.

A biology major dissect living organisms’ roles, characteristics, and functions in the ecosystem. Biology is an intensive study that requires integrative research balancing classroom learning with time spent on research in the laboratory, as they work hand in hand for the success of the course. It is a progressive course that continues years after graduation, where further research studies and problem evaluation would have to continue so that graduates can continue to grow with the course because, honestly, the entire system of organisms can never be fully understood. 

Why Study Biology?

Like science, biology helps you develop research, problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills. This is thanks to the intensity of the course, where you are likely to work in groups, carrying out research and employing theories and thesis from research to create solutions to life-changing problems.

Biology major covers all underpinnings of human physiology, down to the equilibrium of ecosystems and nature itself. This course exposes students to the exciting world of science in a more relatable everyday scientific activity, such as nature and our environment, exploring how the ecosystem operates, how we interact with it, and how our inner system functions and responds to the outside world.

Benefits of Studying Biology

Hands-on Learning

Biology is one of those college subjects that requires a full hands-on learning process to understand and digest the course properly. This makes it a perfect major for students who enjoy and thrive on practical lessons.   

This makes the lessons memorable and easier to remember in detail during and after study, in exams and even when working because they have been practised live by students rather than just reading them in textbooks.

Although some students are more likely to remember what they’ve been taught through speech, others prefer to learn by sight, seeing what they’re being taught in person. Biology being an inclusive course, combines both to ensure that all students get a fair understanding and digestion of the course. 

Learn the Concepts of Living

The basis behind biology is finding new ways to improve life quality. Through biology, man can plant food for consumption, exposed to healthy living that boosts our immune system and improves our healthcare, therefore living healthy and prosperous lives. Biology also deals with hydration and nutrition, all life concepts. This is beneficial for both self-care and consultancy.

Through the knowledge gained from biology, the fundamental understanding of how to take better care of ourselves, loved ones, pesky houseplants and even our environment is achieved.

Society needs Biologist

Much of what we know about the world and how we interact with it has come from the scientific research of biology. Biology teaches us how life is created and how to sustain it and respond to external environmental factors.

Through research, biology has impacted the production and implementation of medicines, their impact on human health and their recommendation rate, replacing older forms of medication with more recent ones. For example, biology has helped us identify harmful beverages and food that directly affect our health and some drugs that may have severe side effects. It has helped shift back to the ancient therapeutic use of natural products and plants for healthier living.

Career Opportunities in Biology

Biology is one of the major beaches of sciences that helps graduates of science steer into the field of scientific and industrial research with career opportunities like;

  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Biochemist 
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Ecologist
  • Veterinarian
  • Biotechnologist
  • Research Associate 
  • Microbiologist
  • Epidemiologist 
  • Chiropractor
  • Conservation Scientist and Forester
  • Agriculture and Food Scientist 
  • Biologist

Everyone in the healthcare system is directly or indirectly involved in biology and, therefore, an important part of society. Suppose you are interested in research, analysis and curiosity to know more about the environment, ecosystem and how the human body system works generally. In that case, a Biology major is the right direction for you.

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