Is Architecture a Good Major

Architecture is the art and technique of designing and building. It is a distinguished skill associated with construction to fulfil both the practical and expressive requirements that serve both utilitarian and aesthetic ends. This is the expression of culture, society and history through the construction and development of buildings and infrastructure that equally represent these aspects of our society. Every society is unique and different from others, and this can be expressed through architectural differences in their environment, which include climate and weather, history, ceremonies, and artistic sensibility.

Architecture is more than a vocation; it is a passion that teaches the very art and science of creating and crafting the highest quality of design. It is the structural representation of various forms of art and culture. Architecture combines art and engineering, applying design theory through history. This is achieved through practical experiences during the course, where students can craft their unique designs that peace for a particular people, belief, tradition or culture. Creativity, accuracy, and mathematics are essentials of an architecture Major.

Why Study Architecture?

An Architecture major teaches how to plan buildings, lining them up with pre-existing structures to provide effective services that don’t disrupt the previous. This skill is important, as it preserves and adorns older architectural designs while trying to make new ones. Architecture also considers the environmental impact of new and old designs and how they can be reasonably implemented inclusively.

Architecture students are exposed to drawings in 3D designs, both physical and through computer software. Architecture study major not only focuses on designing based on aesthetics for human use but also considers other aspects, such as using natural resources and green spaces and their impact on environmental sustainability. As an inclusive course, architecture tries to consider all forms and aspects of life, prioritizing as much as possible accessibility to people with disabilities or one form of deformity or the other and all aspects of the societal ladder.

Benefits of Studying Architecture

Architecture is one of those courses that promote a society, giving it a unique adventurous infrastructure that sets it aside from other societies. As a major, it imbibes in students; 

Diversity of Study

The architecture combines practical craft and historical theories, making it the perfect blend of arts and science. Here you learn the link between geopolitics and historical design. It also tackles building strategies, styles of buildings and how to calculate angles, using equations to analyze and sketch out plans and layouts. This wide range of study fields prepares you for life after school.

Make a Difference

Through architecture, you can easily make a difference by making the voices of a particular set of people heard through the voice of structural aesthetics. This can directly affect and shape the lives of people living there and even attract tourists and explorers. Through the design of leisure centres, schools and estates, architecture can provide something memorable for people.


During the study of Architecture, a lot of teamwork is required. You would often find yourself grouped for a project or research work, having to cooperate with others to achieve a collective goal. Although it might not be easy initially, it becomes more adventurous. Meanwhile, you’d be developing transferable skills in understanding, communication and leadership.

Career Opportunities in Architecture

Architecture is a broad field and is sometimes dedicated to a faculty of its own due to how much it encompasses. In 2022, it was listed as the most difficult major to study, which shows how much work needs to be done during your course in the educational process. One thing about difficult courses is that it pays off at the end of the day, as the harder the course, the more likely it is to earn you the most; in architecture, as is evidenced in the various high-paying career paths the major exposes you to which includes;

  • Drafter
  • Interior Designer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Industrial Architect 
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Project Architect
  • Urban Planner
  • Architectural Historian
  • Landscape Architect 
  • Creative Designer

Architecture is one of those courses that expose you to both the science and art aspects of life, therefore providing you with the option of having a clear view of both and maintaining the balance between the two while making a huge impact on the world eleven when you leave, as buildings, structures, philosophies and architecturally designed will forever stay even long after our death.

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