Is Biochemistry a Good Major?

Biochemistry which can also be referred to as biological chemistry, is the study of the chemical processes within living organisms. It is a sub-discipline of chemistry and biology, which can be divided into structural biology, enzymology and metabolism. Over the last few decades, biochemistry has been able to explain living processes through these three disciplines successfully. Biochemistry focuses on creating a better understanding of the chemical processes in the body, which allows biological molecules to function within living cells and their environment. It provides a great understanding of tissues and organs of the body, as well as organism structure and function in the ecosystem. 

Biochemistry major applies the knowledge of chemistry to study biological processes at the molecular and cellular levels. It became a distinct discipline around the 20th century when scientists combined chemistry, physiology, and biology to dissect the chemistry of living systems. This program focuses on the scientific study of the chemistry of living organisms, their chemical substances, reactions, pathways and information transfer systems. It uses carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids as primary study molecules for analysis.

Why Study Biochemistry?

A Bachelor of Science in biochemistry can open many job opportunities in research, medicine, biotech and other related fields. Biochemistry is a rigorous field of study involving foundational and introductory biology and chemistry courses. It also applies laboratory research components and explores advanced topics in cell biology, microbiology and genetics. Biochemistry teaches problem-solving, data analysis, and process creation skills, which are key requirements in any given career. 

This course is an anchor linking many Life Science fields that involve Molecular Biology, Agricultural Science, Veterinary Medicine, Genetics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, and so much more. It is even commonly called the “bride of modern science”, which everyone would love to marry. Biochemistry has great potential and high prospects which are yet to be tapped. 

Benefits of Studying Biochemistry 

Biochemistry is a rapidly expanding course that is fast taking over, becoming one of the most influential areas of modern science. It plays a huge role in developing novel new scientific approaches to medicine, pharmacy and even biotechnological science. Teaching students the core values of modern science skills, which includes; 


Studying biochemistry means trying out new approaches and ideas to science. This is a valuable skill needed in real life and work life. Being open to seeing things from a fresh perspective can lead to incredible opportunities. The course process of testing theories will prepare you to improve in advanced scientific fields, medical drug development, genome sequencing and agricultural changes.

Transferable skills

Biochemistry provides students with transferable skills required to succeed in the workforce today. In biochemistry, you will be taught problem-solving, data analysis and project management skills, which are applicable in all works of life. This is why Biochemistry graduates are not just limited to laboratory work but can go on to work in finance, business and even education.

Understand the Molecular Basis of Life

With the numerous challenges facing the world today, it is important to understand the general system of how the world works and be able to provide solutions to these problems. Choosing biochemistry guarantees you the right tools to understand better where the problems are coming from and the innovative mind to solve them.

Career Opportunities in Biochemistry 

Completing a degree in biochemistry makes you a biochemist. Although it sounds like a lame profession, it goes way beyond the limits of the name, as it exposes you to fields in agriculture, technology, bioscience, information science, engineering, oil and gas, finance, and many more. The career paths for biochemists to follow are endless, as they may include;

  • Toxicologist
  • Nutritionist 
  • Biotechnologist
  • Forensic Scientist 
  • Database Manager
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Biochemical Engineer
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Pharmacologist 
  • Biophysicist
  • Food Technologist
  • Environmental Scientist 
  • Biochemical Engineer

Taking up a major in biochemistry is very bold, as it can be complex and may seem difficult. There is a lot of stress during your study test, but trust me, the reward afterwards is endless, with opportunities to reach the peak of the science and technology world.

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