Is Political Science a Good Major?

Political Science is the study of politics in relation to domestic, international, and comparative perspectives of power. It contains political ideologies, policies, processes, and behaviours and their application in classes, government, diplomacy, law and war. It is the scientific analysis of political and social behaviours, giving insights into political terms and operations.

It is a social science that analyses political institutions, activities, thoughts and behaviour. Political Science approaches a diverse and analytical method originating in psychology, political research, and social philosophy. Using positivism, interpretivism, behaviouralism, structuralism and post-structuralism, realism, institutionalism, and pluralism, the course can successfully dissect the political nature of the world. Political Science, as one of the major social sciences, uses techniques that are related to scientific research in the sense that it applies primary sources, such as historical documents and official records, or secondary sources, such as journals, articles, survey research, case studies, and experimental research to achieve accurate information of pending political issues.

As a major in tertiary institutions, a political science degree provides a path for students to study government in theory and practical analysis by exploring topics related to political theory, international relations, sociology and communication.

Why Study Political Science?

Political Science is an excellent preparation for students interested in entering the political, law-making or business scene. This is a very important step for those with such interest, as they are taught effective thinking, data analysis, and ethical reasoning, which equips them for the social and political world and adequate knowledge about current and past political events through time across the world. 

According to Census Bureau data in 2018, voter turnout for non-presidential elections typically doesn’t draw people out to vote. However, young adults’ political engagement is on a steady rise as people aged 18-24 are becoming more involved in politics. But more knowledge is needed as only a few of this new interested age grade know it.

In the past few years, so many political issues are becoming more vital to college-aged students, such as college affordability, racial equity, gun control, and climate change, and they are taking active steps to make the changes necessary through Political Science. However, we have seen many students wanting to pursue these areas as a career, whether in terms of researching, advocating or direct action but need to know how to start, which is where political Science comes in.

Benefits of Studying Political Science

Political Science poses the first step for active college students to safely enter politics, with an adequate understanding of what it entails, more operation, and the rules governing it. This course has prepared graduates for a brighter and better future, not only in politics or related fields but in a broad range of career paths, thanks to the core value of the course, which entails a scientific approach to social issues. As a political Science major, you would be taught how to apply various skills such as;

Rigour and Flexibility

Political Science can be very rigorous in terms of study, teaching students how to properly handle difficult and complex issues even in tight positions, as a leader requires. By being flexible, political science graduates are open to any field and the challenges that come along with it, as they easily become experts in a specific area of study.

Leadership Skills

The very basis of politics is leadership. A good leader is ready to take up responsibilities, listen and properly guide the people, and provide solutions that are in the best interest of the people. Choosing a political science major is already the first step to this, as you have already taken up a huge responsibility.

Strong analytical skills

Political Science would teach you to critically evaluate and analyze problems and provide possible solutions, develop research skills, writing, and argumentation skills, and acquire quantitative skills, which would help you become familiar with multiple methodologies applied in the world of politics. You can also earn skill-based certificates of achievement in many of the foreign and domestic fields of politics.

Career Opportunities in Political Science

When considering any course or Major, it is very important to look at the possible career paths it provides and the average earnings of these paths because the goal of education itself is to make a living afterwards. Fortunately, Political Science is one of those majors where this is already checked, with jobs and positions available for graduates to earn as much as $47,000 a year for starters. Political Science provides a clear path into a lot of careers, such as;

  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Relation Specialist
  • Judicial Clerk
  • Law Attorney 
  • Journalist
  • Research Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Political Consultant
  • Activist
  • Campaign Manager
  • Press Secretary 
  • Special Interest Advocate
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Politician

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