Is Electrical Engineering a Good Major?

Electrical engineering is the study of the design and building of electrical control equipment, machinery and systems. In the modern-day, electrical engineering has advanced into a more technical analysis of electrical devices, their design, integration and stimulation to meet a more advanced society. 

Electrical engineering sometimes includes electronics and computer engineering, focusing on the large-scale production and distribution of electrical power. The course helps students develop analytical, technical and engineering design skills. It involves network lighting, construction, manufacturing, generation and distribution of renewable energy. It is also important for electrical engineers to oversee the work of technicians and craftsmen, estimating project plans, timescale and cost to analyze data and settings to ensure health and safety regulations are met during the work.

Why Study Electrical Engineering 

There’s no doubt one of mankind’s best inventions is electricity. Imagine a world without that, a world of darkness, without light or power. Now imagine a lit world without engineers, electrical engineers to help improve, renew and advance the electricity we have; that would be a crappy world to live in. Everyone needs their skills and advanced technology for their everyday lives and businesses. Companies, firms, industries, individuals, tech giants, and even government agencies need electrical engineers to help improve their power supply for productivity, so why not study one of the most in-demand courses in the world?

Although almost as old as education, electrical engineering can never run out of style or demand; it just keeps evolving. It is safe to say it is the birth of technology and the advancements we enjoy today. Electrical engineering is a very tasty and challenging field, which would require you to tap into your creative side to develop analytical and problem-solving skills that would make you stand out even in a crowded field and the opportunity to shine and bring in fresh ideas that would help improve the system.

Benefits of Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a fascinating career, touching on complicated subjects such as mathematics, statistics, chemistry and many other science-related courses. As a global course, electrical engineering teaches students the diversity of core energy on the planet, exploring and harnessing its full potential for the benefit of mankind. 

As the world continues to advance, there is an increased dependency on electrical engineers to help meet this new development and advanced discoveries. They help to create new scientific methodologies, carry out field works, prevent and solve problems, and understand the complexity of electrical systems. Electrical engineering comes with the values and skills it imbibes in its students, some of which include

Innovative Mindset 

Engineers are thinkers; they are inventors; they are producers; and, most importantly, they are innovators. This is one of the few courses that actually pushes new to break new grounds and create what has never been seen before through proper guidance and mindset provided by the course itself.


Electrical engineering promotes globalization by bridging the gap in various economies by providing similarities in power and renewable energy use, further encouraging cross-trade and global connection.

Advanced Technology 

Many of the advancements in technology today can be directly or indirectly attributed to electrical engineering and its discoveries. Thanks to the ever-pushing and boundary-breaking nature of the course and its students, new technologies and advanced methods to make the world a better place have been discovered.

Diverse Skill

It is without a doubt that electrical engineering is one of the biggest and broadest engineering majors because it covers a lot of other engineering skills and subjects, providing graduates with an idea of almost every engineering and science relates course there is.

Career Opportunities in Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineer, you can easily work and succeed in various industries and sectors around the world, with career opportunities in mining, aerospace, chemical processing manufacturing, technology, power generation and distribution industries. The course outline introduces and prepares you for many career options, including;

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • CAD Technician 
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Clinical Technologist
  • Technical Author
  • Management Consultant 
  • Project Manager 
  • Machine Language Engineer

Now back to the initial question of if Electrical Engineering is a good Major, I think you’ll be answering yourself now, k wing the adventure, creativity, skillset, mindset and unlimited opportunities attached to electrical engineering, it is more than safe to say and advice that it is one of the best degrees to major in.

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