Is Exercise Science a Good Major?

Exercise Science is an academic discipline that studies the movement, response and functional adaptation associated with the human body. This course studies fitness by understanding the link between diet, exercise and general health. Exercise Science uses a scientific approach to study how the human body interacts and reacts to exercise, therefore understanding the physiological benefits of exercise and its results.

The course evaluates health behaviors and risk factors associated with different types of exercise. By conducting fitness assessments, exercise science professionals can successfully write appropriate exercise prescriptions and help promote healthy habits and lifestyle behaviors that positively impact our lives.

Why Study Exercise Science?

Exercise Science is a huge field, encompassing various other disciplines, studies and research integrated into its syllabus to prepare Exercise Science professionals academically. The course helps us fully understand exercise, using biomechanics, motor control/development, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and sport & exercise psychology as research study guides. 

These professionals, as part of a multidisciplinary team, are responsible for researching and developing healthy exercises designed for improved health, various athletic workouts specific to a particular type of sport, and helping individuals recover from unhealthy sedentary lifestyles and providing a new one that would help you achieve and perform at your maximum capacity.

Benefits of Studying Exercise Science

Exercise Science is one of the most beneficial approaches man has taken towards securing and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Through the research g and discoveries of these professionals, man now fully understands how the body works and how best to manage it in order to ensure continuous maximum productivity.

In the world we live in today, many people don’t live as healthy as they should. With technology slowly taking over our role in the community and the new work-from-home policy, we need more time to get the proper exercise we need to maintain proper health. According to W.H.O., 85% of the world’s population will become obsessed in the next 30 years. This is not solely because of food but rather the poor food-to-exercise rate this generation has decided to embark on. This is why we need exercise Science professionals to continue research and help develop new means to fight this lazy world we are in today and possibly come up with new forms of exercise that can be performed by people involved in less strenuous activities.

As a course, Exercise Science teaches and prepares students for intense scientific research, diet and nutritional studies and general health training required to succeed in the fitness, medical and sports industry.

Career Opportunities in Exercise Science

Exercise Science professionals are well qualified to work and practice in the;

Fitness Facilities

Graduates of Exercise Science have the opportunity to work in the fitness industry, gyms & spas, providing wellness and exercise routine for individuals and companies. They can also help in research for fitness tips, exercise routines and healthier ways of living and prescribe these methods for a healthier and more productive lifestyle. 

Sport Industry

Exercise is an important part of every athlete’s life. From what they eat, their activities, and their general workout routine, it is important for them to stay fit and healthy for maximum athletic performance. This is the ideal job for an Exercise Science professional, helping athletes best understand their body’s reaction to this exercise and diet, and coming up with the best approach to it, thereby helping them achieve their athletic goals.

Medical Professional

There are many opportunities in the healthcare industry for Exercise Science graduates. They can work as occupational therapists, rehabilitation technicians, physical therapy assistants, surgical technicians, recreational therapists and various other roles for medical facilities, cooperate bodies and even individuals to help maintain a healthy and fit society.

Apart from these, there are also other career opportunities in Exercise Science which include;

  • Personal Trainer
  • Basic and Applied Scientist
  • Nutrition and Exercise Specialist 
  • Sports Physiologist
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation 
  • Sport Physiologist 
  • Exercise Educator (professor)

The world needs more exercise Science professionals to help us fight the unhealthy lifestyle and society we have today and restore balance in our work to exercise and general health ratio. So if you’re considering taking Exercise Science as a major, please do. The world awaits you.

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