Is Marketing a Good Major?

The activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. “Anyone working in communications and marketing will find the guide invaluable.”

Marketing refers to activities carried out by a company to promote buying or selling a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other forms businesses. Affiliates do some marketing on behalf of a company. Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society.

Marketing is a practical, career-oriented major that requires analytical skills, logic and creativity. Typical marketing activities include: Determining the wants and needs of consumers. Developing products to satisfy customer demands.

Students in a marketing major learn how businesses maintain relationships with their audiences through targeted activities that create, communicate and deliver offerings to them. Marketing finds consumers’ needs and creates products or services to satisfy that needs, all while promoting the brand’s or organization’s mission. Marketing majors are either part of an institution’s communications or business school, and curricula include more than just business practices.

Why Study Marketing?

The term “Marketing” is an umbrella word used to describe a much wider action of a brand, service, entrepreneur, or anyone that needs to build customers and promote their products. These actions are depicted strategically in a marketing plan and involve attracting new prospective users or potential customers. This is the major aim of marketing, impacting the students’ skills of attracting and maintaining customers through healthy client-customer relationships.

Marketing is an extremely versatile and lucrative Major which can lead to various high-paying, in-demand careers and job opportunities, thanks to the value of skill it provides in the business world. On average, Marketing majors attract $50k to $208k a year and are among The Top 10% highest earners in the business industry.

As a major of such versatility, it is designed to introduce students to key concepts in business, communications, advertising, and sales, all of which are essential tools applicable to attracting success in businesses and related industries. A marketing major also strengthens transferable skills, such as effective communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, which would help you stay competitive in a dynamic job market.

Benefits of Studying Marketing

Earning a degree in marketing is about much more than just advertising or selling. Although basic knowledge of marketing and its principles would be taught during the course, a successful marketing professional adapts the ability to determine strategy with an ability to communicate those ideas convincingly effectively. 

In addition, it provides an understanding of the other business disciplines, which helps graduates work cross-functionally across various organizations. Understanding human resource management, accounting, finance, and technology is also an important part of successful marketing embedded in the program. Some of the other advanced knowledge it teaches includes;

Consumer psychology knowledge

Consumer psychology is the ability to understand the variants that influence a prospect’s decision-making, process, and possible outcome. A prospect can be anyone from a hiring manager to a classroom or even a nation. Either way, prospects make decisions based on what they perceive as the truth or in their best interest. A marketer in the making or marketing major can figure out the reasons behind whatever decision or decision-making process of any prospect and discover beneficial ways to use this information both for the prospect, themselves and the organization they work for, and provide ways that would benefit ok parties.

More career options 

There is no field that doesn’t use some form of marketing principles, especially in the digital world of today. From the science and engineering industries, healthcare and food industries, and even tech industries, there is always a form of selling, hence the need for marketing.

Marketing is the soul that brings consumers and products together. Therefore, it controls the functioning and operation of an organization or business. This places marketing major graduates on top of employers’ lists, as they are needed to spearhead companies, industries and even government bodies through their advanced sales skills, communication and customer relation metrologies gained during their course of study.

Career Opportunities in Marketing

Marketing major employees help promote and build awareness for their company. Successful marketing deals with a team of people with varying talents, including content writing, public relations and brand management. All these are, in one way or another other, required in every industry, which makes marketing major employable in every field. Some of the roles graduates of this major play include;

  • Marketing Executive
  • SEO Specialist
  • Sales Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • public Relations Specialist
  • Digital Marketer
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Advertising Account Executive

Suppose you’re looking for a business-related course that blends the joy of creativity with calculated strategy and prepares you to join an in-demand marketplace. In that case, a Marketing major might be the perfect fit for you. Unlike other careers that might come and go, marketing isn’t limited to just a particular scope but rather open to different forms and types, growing and advancing with time, open to new concepts and approaches that help various companies develop strategies, campaigns, and communicate with customers in order to promote their brand and products.

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