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What Is Brown University Known For? Ranking & Acceptance Rate

Brown University is a private Ivy League research university located in Province, Rhode Island. It was founded in 1764 the College in the English Colony of Rhodes Island and Providence Plantation. It is the seventh oldest institution for higher education in the United States, and one of the nine universities chartered before the American Revolution.

Brown is no doubt one of the most prestigious universities in the States and was the first university in the U.S. to include in its charter that admission of students was to be equal regardless of their religious affiliation. 

The University is one of the earliest institutions to grant Doctoral degrees, which can be traced way back to the 19th century, adding Doctoral and masters to its curriculum in 1887. It is located in Providence, sitting at the heart of Rhode Island, and is nicknamed the bear which is also the school’s spirit animal.

As an Ivy League school, Brown University stands as the pride of Rhodes Island in terms of academics, being its most highly ranked and rated school in the city. It has a total enrollment of about 10,696 with a gender distribution of 51.29% females to 48.71% males enrolling in over 40 academic departments.

Brown University has two campuses, the main campus which is located in the College Hill neighbourhood of Providence contains 235 buildings of mostly precinct buildings shaping it into Providence’s urban fabric which sits on 143 acres. Its other campus, the Pembroke campus which was absorbed into the larger Brown campus after the merger with Pembrook College in 1971, is mostly dominated by Georgian and Victorian-style brick architecture.

The University comprises the colleges, Alpert Medical School, the School of Public Health, the Graduate School, the School of Professional Studies and the School of Engineering. These various parts of the Institution offer over 80 programs in different fields, flexible enough for students to explore and gain the desired knowledge and experience from Brown University.

Brown University Rankings

Kenneth C. Zirkel, University Hall, Brown University, CC BY-SA 3.0

As one of the most notable schools on Rhodes Island, Brown University stands out in academics and social standards. The University boasts as a leading world-class institution in the city, with rich cultural roots and unmatched creativity that makes it a standout Ivy League.

Inculcated diversity, inclusion and excellence, Brown University has continually stood out throughout two and half centuries of its existence. It has continued to rank high in various rating compilations, making it a top-choice school for fresh students looking to have the best academic experience in an inclusive and serene environment ideal for academic pursuit. Some of the top ratings Brown University has been ranked on include: 

  • Brown University ranks #13 in 2022-2023 USNews edition of Best National University
  • Brown University ranks #17 in 2022-2023 Best College for Veterans
  • Brown University ranks #14 in 2022-2023 Best Value University
  • Brown University ranks #2 in 2022-2023 Best Undergraduate Teaching University 
  • Brown University ranks #263 in 2022-2023 Top Performers for Social Mobility
  • Brown University ranks #25 in 2022-2023 Best Innovative School
  • Brown University ranks #33 in 2022-2023 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs 
  • Brown University ranks #1 in 2022-2023 Writing in Discipline Universities

Brown University Acceptance Rate

Brown University Acceptance Rate
Brown University Acceptance Rate

Gaining admission into Brown University is no doubt highly competitive and some might even say impossible, considering its rankings, overall prestige and impressive alumni network. As one of the largest schools on Rhode Island, the university receives over 50,106 applications each year but only admits about 2,000 students from early and late applications. 

Brown University is nothing short of the best the United States has to offer, and always looks to admit only the best students to enjoy the very best academic experience the country has to offer. The Institution has always expressed its desire to admit only the best College ready students with outstanding high school grades. On test scores, the school expects its students to score between 33 to 35 in ACT. On average, admitted students fall within the range and only as few as 25% have been found in the lower 30 to 32 ACT scores.

Although not impossible, it is very difficult to find students with scores lower than this admitted. It means that you’d have to make up for extracurricular school activities the school might be interested in. Students may sometimes have strong high school records in sports, social activities, communities or even leadership roles that might help to boost their application strength where academics might fail. Students admitted to Brown University also have an average of scoring between 1460 to 1570 on SAT tests. 

As of 2022, Brown University’s Acceptance rate stood at an impressive 7.1% which just seals just how slim your chances are as the competition for a spot in one of the best Ivy League in the country just keeps growing.

Aspiring students must check all boxes, present the very best applications and leave no stone unturned if they are to get admission into Brown University to pursue an academic career in one or more of the various programs the university has to offer.

Brown University Admission Requirements 

Brown University Admission can be very strict sometimes, and closely tight so as to limit their admission processing and keep their 7% admission rate. In order to maintain this, the university has placed very high requirements in all areas and limited its number of accepted applications. All this is put in place to maintain the university’s high reputation and keep only the top high schools interested in applying to the school.

ACT Score Requirement

According to Brown University’s website, the school only considers ACT takers in the top 10% of the country. This means that students who want a shot at gaining admission would really have to work hard to break into that little circle of elite-minded students in order to get in. The school has an ACT score requirement of 33 – 35.

SAT Score Requirement

Brown University typically considers students who submit SAT scores between 1440-1570. It is very rare to see a student of the Institution who scored below this, as the university likes to preserve its high stands and also encourages students to strive to be among the very best high school students the country can produce to prove they have what it takes to survive in a highly competitive educational environment such as that of the university.

Brown University Location

Brown University – Campus

Brown University has properties in Jewelry District and Cillege Hill, making it the largest property owner in Providence. The university’s campus design smoothly blends into Providence’s urban fabric, with nineteenth and eighteenth-century design inspiration.

The university’s main campus comprises of 235 buildings across 143 acres on the Eastside of College Hill. Not far from the school is Rhode Island School of Design, just down the slope of College Hill. The campus is filled with many notable buildings that add to the university’s rich architectural designs, both arthritically pleasing and significant to society. Buildings such as John Hay Library, Haffenrefer Museum, Annmary Brown Memorial and many others make the university stand out.

The University’s Pembroke Campus which served the Women’s College; Pembroke College was absorbed into a larger Brown Campus in 1971 upon their merger, becoming one of the university’s campuses. The campus is dominated by Georgian and Victorian-style brick architecture.

Brown University Notable Alumni

Brown University has a long list of notable people who have left their mark on the world, proving excellence in various fields of life. Some of these great minds include;

  • John D Rockefeller Jr.: Philanthropist
  • John Hay: Former U.S Secretary of State
  • Charles Evans Hughes: Former Chief Justice of the United States
  • Jack Markell: Former Governor of Delaware
  • Andrew Yang: Entrepreneurial
  • Emma Watson: Actor
  • Horace Mann: Father of America Public school education

Brown University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Another important consideration when applying for college is the cost of tuition and fees, and the general cost of living in the school, to make sure you are both academically and financially prepared to attend the school and if not weigh your options at financial aid.

Below are the costs of attending Brown University as a full-time undergraduate student.

Freshman ResidentsContinuing Residents
Tuition & Fees$65,656$65,656

Brown University Scholarships

In view of the university’s mission to provide quality education across the country, Brown University has deemed it fit to continue to support students by providing scholarships and financial aid to make education equal and available to all. The university always meets with 100 per cent of students who demonstrated financial needs with grants and not loans.

The University tries to support Federal and State scholarships for students by providing grants and aid to students who need them and proves qualified by passing all requirements. Apart from government scholarships and grants, below are some scholarship programs to check out

  • United World College – Davis Scholarship
  • The Gates Scholarships
  • Brown University Scholarships
  • Sidney E frank Scholars

The school also accepts outside scholarships and even provides international scholarships for students abroad who are interested in schooling at Brown University.

If you really want to study and one of the best universities the United States has to offer, you would have to check all boxes, present the very best applications and leave no stone unturned in order to get admission into Brown University and pursue an academic career in one or more of the various programs the university has to offer.

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