Is Criminology a Good Major?

Criminology is the study of a blend of sociology and other non-legal fields, such as psychology, anthropology, statistics and economics, to study crimes and criminal behaviours. This is a study of people who commit crimes, their reason and motive behind the crimes and connecting patterns and similarities in criminal behaviours. As an academic field, criminology helps students explore the link between the broad social and behavioural sciences field that may lead to various criminal acts, answering the who, how and why.

Criminology, as a major under the Department of Sociology, is a behavioral science that studies all aspects of criminal behaviors and their impact on society. The course explores vast related topics and areas which may, in one way or another other, link back to behavioral characteristics, such as law enforcement, cybercrime, racial profiling, criminal penalties and the prison system. Students can study criminology at the Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels to earn either art or science degree.

Why Study Criminology?

There are so many natural reasons why criminology as a course should exist and more reasons why students should study it. From the course briefing, it is only natural that human curiosity kicks in and gets you to ask the big question the degree already answered; why did they do it? Criminology is an excellent academic choice for those interested in sociology and psychology and would like to delve more into crimes, criminal behaviours and the justice system surrounding them.

Criminology is just a more specific part of psychology focusing on unlocking various criminal activities pattern and reducing the crime rates in an already busy criminal world. This can also be a satisfying subject for those who have found love in research, human analysis and laws, bringing closure between societal triggers and understanding factors that may impact the world’s behaviour patterns.

Benefits of Studying Criminology 

What you stand to gain from studying criminology depends on what you acquire during your years of study and your expectations from the course. The course provides an entry and advanced level of law, government and social science academia. The course helps broader and sharpen your mind to new thinking, ideas and analogies called Criminology Theories. This reshapes the world around you and weakens your inquisitive nature making you a sharper and smarter person by default.

Thanks to the exposure that comes with studying criminology, graduates would be easily able to identify crimes and, on second look, be able to deduce patterns and motives behind crimes and even, to an extent, general human behavioural motives. Criminology as a major has proven to have a lot of individual and societal benefits, such as;

Unlocking Criminal Mindset

After years of studying criminology as a major, you are most likely to develop a killer instinct and an adaptive mindset. This is rather for the best because now that you understand the inner workings of a criminal mind, you can easily think like that and get to use it for good, which is an important skill in the society we live in today. Many industries would pay handsomely for such skills.

Reduction in Crime Rate

Society and the world at large have and will continue to work so hard to reduce and, if possible, completely stop crimes in society today, and what better way than have a criminology graduate on its side to help achieve that?

Reform of Criminals

Sometimes not all criminals are aware of their actions and need proper care and follow-up in order to help maintain them. With criminology, you can also convert the right criminals to be on the side of the law and help maintain it.

An Edge in the World of Social Science

Criminology gives students an edge in the world of sociology, government and human behaviours. What better way to properly prepare to work in a world filled with all sorts of criminal activities than having an idea of how those activities are formed? Criminology also serves as the beginning of some higher degrees, giving you the right mindset to reach your full potential. Imagine working in law enforcement or persecuting criminals as a lawyer; what greater advantage do you have against them than you’re already a criminologist?

Career Opportunities attached to Criminology

Criminology is a bright and important subject needed in society, which is why graduates are always sought after in industries and firms related to law, sociology, law enforcement, human management and even in Rehabilitation. As a student of criminology, you are opportune to get a first-hand insight into the reality of the society we live in today, dealing with difficult topics and issues such as racism, social injustice, oppression, political injustice and mass discrimination. With advanced knowledge in these, criminology opens doors to career opportunities such as;

  • Forensic Psychology 
  • Criminologist
  • Community Development Worker
  • Private Investigator
  • Jury Consultant
  • Criminology Professor
  • Probation Officer
  • Lawyer
  • Detective
  • Discrimination Investigator
  • Forensic Scientist

To crown it all, Criminology is the best major if you’re the type that has an itch for behavioral patterns and general human response and cause of crime. It is also ideal for those who want a more scientific and research-oriented career in law enforcement. In cases where you still have passion for something bigger, criminology can be your stepping stone into a greater career choice such as Law School.

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