Is Information Systems a Good Major?

Information systems is a major that teaches students how to use technology and data management to help organize and manage businesses. Through a database, you can help analyze, improve and process data for companies and industries, thereby designing and organizing the information network of the business.

As an Information System major, you would be taught networking, computer programming, system analysis, database management, operating system, and various other technological advancements that could be applied in business management. As a course, the Information system is the perfect blend of technology, data handling and business. Giving the performance data handling process for maximum business productivity. With the knowledge of technology gathered during your major, it is easier for you to enter the business world with an edge in technology, one of the most important factors in every industry today.

Why Study Information Systems?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected an increase of 11% in job growth for computer and information technology-related careers within the next 10 years, which is impressive compared to the average for all occupations. This alone is a reason to major in Information Systems.

In today’s world, everybody needs at least an average knowledge of technology to survive; with every industry and business depending on technological advancements to grow, it is only right to be part of that technological growth. With Information Systems, you’d be learning more than just an average of technology, from information security analysis, information system management, programming, web development and even database administration. Information System graduates are well grounded in technology and bring that technological advancement sought by companies, industries, businesses, government agencies and even individuals.

Whether focusing on Computer Information Systems or Management Information Systems, you would still be taught a bit of the other, as they are both required as valuable skills in storing, organizing and protecting vast data companies collect.

Benefits of Studying Information Systems

Studying Information Systems prepares you for both technology-driven industries and Business-driven industries. Therefore, it impacts students with the appropriate skill set required to thrive in both industries. There are three main skills this major trials students on, they are;

Information System Management

This is an important skill taught in the Information System. This serves as an Information System manager, handling and supervising information processes and processing within an organization.

This is required in industries with a large data set, where proper handling of information is required to prevent information leak, mismanagement and sometimes loss of data due to carelessness or lack of a professional such as an Information System graduate.

Management Analysis 

This is one of the roles taught during the Information System major. This skill helps you analyze best practices that can be applied in handling a company’s database and propose proper data management.

This can be done through research to understand better the information network of the company better. After years of work experience, you can be promoted to Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Information Security Analysis

As an Information System major, you would be taught how to protect databases from external attacks and a company’s information from hackers and external threats. Through security analysis, you can easily detect threats and viruses that may damage the information system of companies.

Mitigation plans are proposed to protect the information in case of a data breach. Through the Information System, you would be well prepared to take up a job in the financial and corporate industries, where this information security is much needed.

Career Opportunities in Information Systems 

As stated before, Information Systems prepare you for both the business and technology industry; this means there is a wide range of career opportunities for you and many fields to specialize in.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that careers in Information Systems make an average of $91,250 annually. This figure is expected to increase by 11% over the next ten years. Here are some of the best careers to choose from;

  • Software Developer
  • Computer & Information System Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Operations Research Analyst 
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Computer System Analyst 

Suppose you’re the type with the itch for business but have always been interested in computer technology and data handling. In that case, the best degree to help to blend all these easily is a Major in Information Technology.

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