Is Marine Biology a Good Major?

Marine Biology is the scientific study of the aquatic ecosystem, marine organisms, and their behavioural interaction with the environment. It is the application of chemical, physical, geological and biological oceanography to understand the interaction and interrelation of marine organisms properly. 

It is the scientific study of the Biology of marine life, their behaviour and habitation under the sea. Since there are so many organisms with different species, families and genera in the ocean, and even some extended to live on land, marine Biology can be classified as a broad subject of multiple sub interest, classifying these organisms based on the environment rather than Taxonomy and making it easier to group them separately for specialization. It is commonly said that the course is as huge as the ocean itself and still has room for more discoveries about marine life, which is why it is advised for marine biologists to specialize in a particular area of the course for easier perfection of knowledge and skills.

Why Study Marine Biology

Do you know that the world knows more about our solar system than we do about the ocean? Despite the fact that the ocean makes up about 80 per cent of life forms, with plants and animals as indicators of daily human activity on its planet earth causing pollution and climate change, we only know about 28 per cent of what it holds and has to offer. Twelve people have successfully travelled and landed on the face of the moon, and only 3 have descended to the deepest depth of the ocean, showing just how little has been discovered of it.

Studying Marine Biology gives you the opportunity to tap into that undefined, untouched, unexplored beautiful world of the ocean and the endless possibilities it holds. It is the job of marine biologists to help the world properly understand the beautiful blue life of the ocean, the resources it holds, its effect on the planet and how best to utilize it to our benefit. This can be a whole new adventure for someone who has always had a thing for the world unknown and for scientists who love the ocean and the impressive force of nature it holds.

Benefits of Studying Marine Biology

Marine Biologists studies from the smallest of water life form, as small as the algae, to the largest ocean animal ever recorded, the blue whale, understanding and learning every bit of these magnificent species so as to understand how they survive and the impact of the ocean on that survival for man’s benefit. 

With the need for man to survive by food and water, which are all provided by the ocean, and advancements in technology, marine biologists can tap into the sea life without destroying it and its resources. It is also through marine Biology that we discovered crude oil and other resources under the beautiful water, and also their duty to help stop pollution and climate change, which is already killing the water ecosystem. The course brings a lot of benefits to making and how he interacts with his ecosystem, not only to harness it and unlock its full potential but also to understand it and save it from destruction. Studying Marine Biology comes with a lot of benefits which include the following;

Improved Ecosystem

Thanks to the discoveries of marine Biology, man now properly understands his ecosystem, which is majorly made up of water, and how most of our activities affect its life form. Marine Biology also provides solutions on how best to interact with the ecosystem and curb pollution and climate change.

Better Understanding of the Ocean

With advancements in Marine Biology, the discoveries of various animal life forms, crude oil, mineral resources and various other benefits of the ocean have been successfully tapped into and utilized to our benefit.

Travel and Exploration

Marine Biologists are needed all over the world for their advanced skills and in-depth understanding of water life. Due to the nature of the course, you might be required to travel frequently and spend long hours, days and sometimes months on the ocean carrying out research and test. This opens doors for those who love adventure and want to travel the world.

Communication Skills

Marine Biology teaches and impacts students with a lot of skills, equipping them for life outside school; these skills include communication and reach skills. As a marine biologist, it would be required of you to travel from time to time and meet new people in the course of your research. During these journeys, good communication skills would be of high importance and benefit, helping you relate with people across the world and successfully interpret your search result for understanding even a layman.

Career Opportunities attached to Marine Biology 

With marine biology, learning never stops because, to be honest, there’s only little we know about marine and ocean life in general. This means students are taught to grow with the course, deek for further knowledge even outside the classroom, and do personal research to shed more light on the course. This makes Marine Biology graduates industrious and resourceful in so many areas, which is why they are so much sought after.

The ocean is related to so many industries, therefore connecting marine Biology to these industries, ranging from production and manufacturing industry, Agriculture industries, oil and gas industry, research industries, engineering industries and various others. This provides endless possibilities and career paths for marine biologists, some for those particularly interested in fieldwork and travel research and others related to a more cooperative and office-related life. They include;

  • Microbiologist
  • Scientist
  • Biologist
  • Laboratory Technician 
  • Consultant
  • Aquarist
  • Marine Biotechnologist
  • Environmental Planner 
  • Botanist 
  • Marine Engineer
  • Natural Resource Technician

Choosing to follow the path of the ocean and majoring in Marine Biology is a big step and shows just how much of an adventurer you are. With its resourcefulness, endless opportunities and handsome earnings it can fetch, there can almost be no wrong with studying the course.

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