Is Public Health a Good Major?

Public health is the Art and Science of preventing disease, thereby promoting good health and long life through the combined efforts and choices of the society, organizations ( both public and private), communities and individuals. Public health Analyzing the determinants of the health of a population and the threats it faces, taking into consideration the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the people.

Public health is the general promotion and protection of the health and well-being of people and the communities where they live, learn, interact and work. Public health is more of a preventing scientific approach rather than a treatment approach like in medicine (doctors) and nurses. A public health major is a crucial degree path that prepares students to defend individual and community health by helping students develop the critical thinking and analysis skills necessary to tackle direct issues in our immediate society, such as low vaccination rates, food, air or water diseases and drug overdoses. Public health majors prepare graduates who can help achieve and maintain a good health system, be it by responding to outbreaks, controlling diseases or even attending to minor injuries and infections; public health professionals work on cases important to all levels of society.

Why Study Public Health?

There is an increased need for a more healthy and safe conducive environment for man to live in, and therefore the need for health workers to help tackle the rising issues in the health sector today. From climate change to the unusual outbreak of various types of deadly diseases almost every 3 months. All these are simple minor issues that can be prevented at individual grassroots level before it even escalates to a more advanced disease that would require millions of dollars to treat. This is why the importance of Public Health graduates cannot be overemphasized, thanks to their role in promoting health at all societal levels.

Public health plays a crucial role in the promotion of health, prevention of disease, and empowerment of individuals to manage their and their immediate environment. They also help create awareness and teach self-medication (in case of emergency) and general cleanliness. Every time there is a new scientific finding, it is the job of public health workers to embark on an awareness campaign in order to preach the new policy that would positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world. Public health is a unique blend of various health-related fields, bringing together people from across several disciplines, backgrounds, and perspectives to uncover the root causes of health problems in the world today and develop innovative solutions that would improve the quality of life.

Benefits of Studying Public Health

Public Health major is a huge plus to society, impacting and improving our health sector, thereby promoting longevity. During your course of study, you’ll learn how the conditions in the places where people live and grow affect their health outcomes. Depending on your interests and passions within the health sector, you’ll be exposed to the science behind the spread and control of different types of diseases, their environmental impacts on human health, and how policy is put in place to regulate these conditions. Another interest might touch on the ways diet and nutrition shape our lifestyle and general health. Public health can be a very interesting Major if you have a passion for it, and it can help you;

Make a Difference in the World

As a Public health graduate, you can create real-life changes in the world by impacting and improving the health of both individuals and communities at large through propositions of disease prevention and fertility reduction strategies. For a society to function properly, it is important that the quality of health is well taken care of, and as a public health professional, it is your job to ensure that this is treated effectively.

Help Those in Need

Public health makes a real impact on so many lives by improving their health and general lifestyle. There are a lot of areas, communities and even countries without a clean water supply, sufficient food, and even electricity, and therefore lack a good understanding of public health. It is the role of public health practitioners to genuinely show concern by reaching out and helping in every way they can in order to save as many lives as possible. 

Challenge Yourself

Public health can be demanding, as it requires problem-solving, time-management and teamwork skills to tackle everyday health issues. It teaches students how to think outside the box and create new approaches to the different problems and provide solutions for these challenges we face. Studying this major provides you with the opportunity to test your mettle against some of the most important problems and push yourself beyond your limits to make the world a safer place.

Career Opportunity in Public Health

The Public Health industry is one that cannot be replaced or erased by any technology or artificial intelligence, as it requires the mild touch of humans, which places it as a top course of study, without worries of being wiped out. Overall, jobs in public health care are expected to increase by 13 per cent from 2021 to 2031. Public health stands out from other health careers as it focuses on protecting and promoting the health of the population rather than on diagnosing and treating patients. The career opportunities these major provides includes;

  • Biostatistician
  • Epidemiologist 
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Medical and Health Service Manager
  • Social and Community Services Manager 
  • Nutritionist
  • Health Education Specialist 
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Nurse
  • Scientist
  • Health Administrator
  • Health and Safety Engineer 
  • Emergency Management Director

A degree in Public Health guarantees a future in the science and health sector. It prepares you for an adventurous journey where you can make a real impact on the world, making it a better place. Plus, public health major is a better approach to tackling diseases, and it aims at preventing and stopping the issues from happening and spreading, rather than another approach by other degrees where they focus on curing them.

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