What is Fisk University Known For? Rankings, Acceptance Rate, Scholarships, and more 

Fisk University is a historically black liberal arts college in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a private nonprofit institution founded in 1866. It is the very first and oldest institution in the whole of Nashville.

Fisk University is the very first historically black institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The school gained its accreditation in 1930 and has since been a pioneer for other historically black universities, leading and opening doors for a more acceptable educational system that includes all races and colors.

The prestigious institution has an urban setting and a campus size of 47 acres. The school utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Fisk University ranked 151st in the 2022 edition of Best National Liberal Arts Universities by U.S. News. Fisk University has over 30 majors and minors in 3 schools: science and engineering, business, liberal arts, and humanities.

Fisk University is a large resource, small liberal arts college where small class sizes are the norm, and faculty members are friendly and approachable. Fisk has about 1000+ undergraduate students on campus and an average class size of 18 students with a student-to-faculty ratio 12:1.

The 30+ majors at Fisk University are dispersed between the School of Humanities and Behavioral Social Science, Graduate Studies, and Natural Science & Mathematics. 

Fisk University Ranking

Fisk University has been ranked excellently in ranking and rating reviews. It is one of the top historically black Universities in the United States.

In a recent publication, Fisk University was listed as one of the nation’s top universities in the newly released rankings from the U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review. In the U.S. News Best National Liberal Arts College 2022 edition, Fisk ranked No. 151 among the nation’s top National Universities list. In the world ranking, Tulane is ranked #1904 in the Q.S. Global World Rankings 2022. Here are other ranking indices: in

  • Fisk University ranked # in the 2022-2023 edition of Best American Universities by
  • Fisk University ranked #60 in the 2022-2023 edition of Top Performers on Social Mobility
  • Fisk University ranked #11 in the 2022-2023 edition of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Fisk University Acceptance Rate

Fisk University is a competitive school with an impressive alumni network and overall prestige. To get admitted into the school, you should meet their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements, which, to be fair, is actually reasonably attainable for an average student and proves your academic preparation.

As of 2023, Tulane University’s acceptance rate is 61.1%. Thus, it is clear that you can easily get admitted into the highly coveted Fisk University if you are sound academically.

Fisk University prefers and would naturally accept students who apply during either the Early Action or Early Action II decision process. This is because applications submitted during Regular Decisions are limited to space availability. Also, scholarship consideration mostly occurs during the Early Action cycles.

Fisk University Admission Requirements 

Getting admitted to Fisk University can be difficult sometimes. With a 61.1% acceptance rate, it ranks among the most competitive in Nashville. Acceptance. Fisk University has placed moderate admission requirements, which have helped it attract “B+” average high school students.

ACT Scores Requirements

Available admission data indicates that Fisk regularly accepts students with an ACT of 29 and above. Successful applicants typically send ACT scores between 19 and 26. The school is estimated to accept minimum ACT composite scores of around 19 in some instances, but those with scores higher than 20 in oils fall in the upper hand of the application list.

SAT Scores Requirements

Fisk University typically expects applicants to be among the top SAT takers. The school consistently takes SAT composite scores down to 1060 out of 1600. This makes the University’s admission obtainable and allows students to obtain higher education with good test scores. 

Fisk University Location

Fisk’s University is located on a 40-acre campus dedicated to the school in 1876. It is located on a small hill about two miles northwest of Downtown, formerly known as Fort Gillem (a Union fort during the American Civil War). The campus is on Jefferson Street, Nashville’s African-American community historic center.

In 1978, The University’s Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places, one of the first in Nashville. Notable campus buildings contributing to the historic district include; Talle Brady Hall, Jubilee Hall, Carnegie Hall, Fisk Memorial Chapel, Cravath Hall, and the Carl Van Vechten.

Fisk University Notable Alumni

Some of the Notable Alumni of Fisk University include;

  • Constance Baker Motley: first African-American Woman elected to the New York State Senate
  • Marion Barry: Former Mayor of Washington DC
  • St.Elmo Brady: first African American to earn a doctorate in chemistry
  • Virginia E Walker Broughton: Author, Missionary 
  • Johnetta B Cole: Former president of Spelman College
  • Arthur Cunningham: Musical Composer
  • Minnie Lou Crosthwaite: Activist
  • William L Dawson: U.S. Congressman
  • W E B Du Bois: First African American to earn a PhDPh.D. at Harvard 
  • Esther Cooper Jackson: Founding editor of Freedomways Journals

Fisk University Undergraduate Tuition and Fee

Below is the 2022-2023 cost of studying full-time for an undergraduate degree at Fisk University.

  • Freshman Resident

Tuition & Fees- $23,578

Room- $9,400

Board- $5,300

Books- $2,000

Transportation- Variable

Miscellaneous- $3,200

TOTAL- $43,478 (including transportation)

  • Continuing Resident

Tuition & Fees- $23,578

Room- $10,350

Board- $5,300

Books- $2,000


Miscellaneous- $3,200

TOTAL- $44,428 ( including transportation)

Fisk University Scholarships

At Fisk University, scholarships are awarded to help academically capable students cover the cost of their education on a merit-base, as long as the University resources permit. In addition to a competitive academic record, the school is also interested in students with a good record of demonstrated leadership and community service to be awarded merit scholarships.

The University does not guarantee scholarships, and there is no separate application. Rather students are evaluated based on their academic strength in their admission application when compared to other applicant pools. Priority scholarship consideration occurs during the Early Action cycle, and only students with complete admission files can be considered for scholarship opportunities. Here is a list of the available scholarships:

  • Fisk Outstanding Scholars & Leaders Award
  • Erastus Milo Cravath Presidential Scholarship 
  • Fisk Performance Award for Music Major
  • Ella Shepard Moore Provost Scholarship

For International students, the scholarship process is more complex and requires more documentation to be awarded. To gather more information about their international scholarships, click here. 

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