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What Is George Washington University Known For? Ranking and Acceptance Rate

What Is George Washington University Known For?

The George Washington University is a private non-profit federally chartered research university based in Washington, D.C. It was chartered in 1821 by the United States Congress and is today the largest higher education institution in Washington, D.C.

George Washington, the first president of the United States, proposed establishing a national university in the U.S. capital in 1970, during his first state of the Union Address. He added it to his will, and on February 9th, 1821, the university was established by an act of congress, with John Quincy Adams, John C. Calhoun, and James Monroe as it’s founding patrons. It was first called Columbia College, then Columbia University, which makes it one of the only universities in the U.S. with a congressional charter.

George Washington University has a number of undergraduate and graduate schools associated with it, which includes Columbia College of Arts and Sciences, the GWU School of Business, the GWU Law School, the Elliot School of International Affairs, the School of Media and Public Affairs, Corcoran School of the Art and Design, and Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration.

This prestigious institute has an urban setting, with its main campus located in the Foggy Bottom area of Washington D.C. spanning over 43 acres, and two satellite campuses; the Mount Vernon Campus and Virginia Science and Technology Campus. George Washington University is one of the most flexible research institutions and hosts numerous research centres and Institutes including the Institute for International Economic policy and the National Security Archive.

It ranked 62nd in 2022-2023 Best Colleges in National University. GWU is classified among the top R1 Doctoral Universities, thanks to its very high Research Activities. The university admits around 11,000 undergraduates and 15,500 graduate students, utilizing a semester-based academic calendar with degree programs in over 71 majors and minors in different fields including accounting, architecture, public health, science, and engineering, and many more.

George Washington University stands as the perfect blend of academics and social interaction, with easily accessible staff and academic materials readily available. Situated in the very capital city, it has a total of 11,502 undergraduate students on campus, with an average class size of 29 students, making a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1.

Once admitted into the university, students are automatically posted to the school of their choice, needing no further application or request process with no restriction processes involved. As a student of the institute, all students are encouraged to at least one major before the end of their second year and can only pick a maximum of 2 majors. With over 75 majors dispersed among seven undergraduate schools, GWU allows students to pick a preferred major freely, noting that there is free will and room for all in every major.

George Washington University Ranking

What Is George Washington University Known For

GWU ranks top in several lists and is today one of the leading private schools in the United States, and the top in Washington D.C. George Washington University passes the criteria of several top-ranking universities requirement, making it a top choice institution.

George Washington University recently ranked as the 62nd best University in the United States according to National Univeristies yearly rankings for the 2022-2023 academic session. According to a press release to rank Best Colleges by Veterans, GWU was ranked 110th in the States, making it higher than most other universities/institutions founded by top veterans of the nation such as that of our George Washington.

GWU has an overall score of 4.1 stars according to student reviews on study portals. The Institution also takes pride in its engineering expertise, graduating proud and profitable engineering alumni, and was recently ranked among the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs. It’s rankings indices include;

  • College Transition Forbes Ranking- #78.
  • World University Ranking- #201.
  • Top Performers on Social mobility – #372
  • International Business- #6
  • Best Value School- #106
  • Best Undergraduate Engineering Program – #75

George Washington University Acceptance Rate

George Washington University
George Washington University

Due to the high standards of the school and it’s prestigious nature, getting admission into GWU is highly competitive and sometimes leaves students with slim chances. Getting an average of 1270-1450 SAT score and 30-33 ACT score is very crucial if you really want to get into the university.

George Washington University has a selective Acceptance Rate, and as of 2022, it stood at 43%. This shows just how slim your chances are and how much you’d have to prepare if you really want in. Students are advised to apply early and start the verification process right on time, providing all necessary requirements just to try and secure a spot.

To stand a chance at such a prestigious school as George Washington University, you’d need to make sure no stone is left unturned, applying with every possible requirement that could boost your chance, from sports, social skills, and voluntary programs you’d worked on just to increase your chances.

Also note that GWU accepts and admits students with early submissions, considering them first before later submissions. You should be able to boast of a 3.92 GPA or higher and a strong score on your SAT and ACT as stated above. The School’s early decision EDI has a deadline of November 1 and a deadline of January 5th for the early decision EDII. This is a non-binding decision phase, whose results would be released by April 1.

George Washington University Admission Requirements

One important thing to note is that getting into GWU is not an easy task and is definitely not for the faint of heart. Apart from having a sleek 43% acceptance rate, it also ranks 2nd best university in Washington D.C, which automatically spells out the competition.

GWU can be very strict and specific in its admission requirements, accepting mostly students who finish at the top of their high school or at least the top quarter of the school. This means incoming freshmen would be averaging “B+” in high school and kept under supervised circumstances to make sure they improve or maintain their high school standards and more.

ACT Scores Requirement

As a very competitive school, GWU usually expects students to score an average of 31 on ACT. This means that students with at least 30 on ACT and an early application stand a chance of getting admission. However, students with 31 stand in the upper chamber of the acceptance list, and an even higher 32 or above pushes you way up the Acceptance ladder.

SAT Score Requirement

George Washington University usually admits students in the top 10% of SAT takers, meaning that they admit the very best. The average SAT score GWU usually accepts is between 1270 to 1450 out of 1600. This means that students with at least 1200 out of 1600 SAT scores could be considered, but not necessarily guaranteed admission. Therefore you’d gave to boost your SAT score to help increase your chances at the school, scaling up to as high as 1400 out of 1600, as the school is known to have high-class students applying thereby raising the competition bars.

George Washington University Location

The university is located in the United States, with three major campuses. Its main campus, Foggy Bottom Campus, is located in the heart of Washington D.C., taking in the buzz of D.C. life. The beautiful campus seats between the white house, the Kennedy center, and other federal and international agencies.

The second campus, Mount Vernon Campus, or as it is popularly called; “The Vern” is the university’s home to academic buildings, residence halls, athletic facilities, staff club, and many more interesting infrastructures that would make you fall in love with the school. Both campuses are not too far apart and can be easily accessed through a shuttle service.

The Virginia Science and Technology Campus is located in Ashburn, Virginia. The campus houses 17 research labs, innovative academic facilities such as the School of Nursing, and many other graduate and certificate programs.

George Washington University Notable Alumni

As a leading university in the United States, and one of the oldest institutions in Washington D.C, George Washington University has produced key activists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who have keyed into the growth of our nation today. Some of the notable alumni of GWU include;

  1. Belva Ann Lockwood

Belva finished from George Washington University Law School and was the first woman to argue before the U.S Supreme Court.

  1. Syngman Rhee

Syngman finished at Columbian College in ’07 and went on to become the first president of South Korea

  1. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline, who graduated from Columbian College in ’51, married the former president of the United States John F Kennedy, and became the first lady of the United States.

  1. George W Romney

He attended Columbia College, George is the Governor of Michigan, former president of American Motors, and served as the U.S. secretary of Housing and Development.

  1. L Ron Hubbard

Ron finished from Columbian College and founded the Church of Scientology.

George Washington University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

George Washington University charges for an academic constituting the Fall and Spring semesters. Beginning as of Fall 2019, the tuition rate of the school applied to students taking 12-18 credit hours per semester. However, SEAS may take up to 19 credits with no additional charge.

Here’s the total cost of tuition for an undergraduate from the 2022-2023 academic session

Tuition & Fee: $62,110/ academic year.

Books/ Supplies: $1,400

Room: $10,360

Board: $6,000

Transportation: $1,075

Miscellaneous: $1,623

TOTAL COST : $82,570

George Washington University Scholarship

George Washington University Scholarship
Funded Scholarships at George Washington University

As a prestigious American school, George Washington University has over the years tried to bring quality and excellent education to the country, through top-choice infrastructure, great academic building, and several world-class educational implementations.

However, this can sometimes affect students who desire this quality education because of the high cost of the standard university, which is why the Institution has some support programs in place to help assist academic excellent students who have passed the academic criteria but might lack finances.

These programs also help international students with desires to study in the United States and most times come with a student visa and pay, and may require as little as nothing.

These scholarship programs cover different ranges of finances depending on the type applied for and given, and sometimes might not require anything to qualify, while some might just require outstanding academic or social performance. Some may cover as much as 60-90% of tuition and miscellaneous while others while just be books and supplies.

The Institution sometimes awards full tuition, partial tuition, or even total cost and services to merited students. Some merited students may receive scholastic covering up to 10 semesters as long as they continue satisfactory academic performance and full-time enrolment. Here are some of George Washington University scholarships to look out for;

If you’re looking for an outstanding university that has a cool serene environment perfect for learning, a world-class educational system, and the right social-academic balance every young student needs, then George Washington University checks out these boxes for you. With high standards and international prestige, GWU has the right facilities and infrastructure.

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