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What is Hofstra University Known For? Rankings, Acceptance Rate, Scholarships and more

Hofstra University is a private research university located in Hempstead, New York. It was founded in 1935. The institution offers a wide range of academic programs. It has gained recognition for its commitment to providing students with an excellent education. 

This prestigious university boasts a campus with a suburban setting spanning 244 acres. It follows a semester-based academic calendar. Hofstra University holds its place as a well-regarded institution, ranking 185th in the 2024 edition of Best National Universities by U.S. News. Hofstra offers various majors and minors organized within various department programs across its multiple academic divisions.

Hofstra University effectively combines the resources of a large research university with the advantages of a small liberal arts college. Approximately 66% of its professors hold the highest degree in their respective fields, ensuring high expertise. With around 10,000 undergraduate students on campus, Hofstra maintains an average class size of 21 students and a student-to-faculty ratio 13:1.

Hofstra University Ranking

Hofstra University is a renowned institution of higher education with a notable presence in various ranking positions, distinguishing it as one of the top private universities in New York, United States.

In recent publications, Hofstra University has consistently been recognized among the nation’s leading universities in prominent rankings by esteemed organizations such as the U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review. In the U.S. News National Universities 2023 -2024 edition, Hofstra University holds an impressive ranking at #135 among the nation’s top National Universities list and #221 on the list of Most Innovative Schools.

Hofstra University’s commitment to excellence extends to various other categories, as evident in its impressive rankings:

  •  In the 2022-2023 edition of the Best Undergraduate Engineering program, Hofstra University secured a remarkable ranking at #40, reflecting its dedication to quality education.
  • The university’s impact on social mobility is evident. Hofstra University ranks well at #348 in the 2022-2023 edition of Top Performers on Social Mobility.
  • Hofstra University stands out in value and affordability, recognized at #118 in Best Value Schools’s 2022-2023 edition.
  • – The university’s commitment to ensuring a remarkable first-year experience for its students is highlighted in the 2022-2023 edition of Universities with the Best First Year Experience, where Hofstra University secures a strong position at #118.

These impressive rankings, with Hofstra University securing prominent positions in various categories, collectively demonstrate the university’s dedication to providing an exceptional educational experience to its students.

Hofstra University Acceptance Rate

Gaining admission to Hofstra University is highly competitive, given the university’s esteemed reputation and the caliber of its alumni network. Meeting the GPA, SAT, and ACT requirements is paramount to successfully navigating their initial selection process and demonstrating your academic preparedness. As of 2023, Hofstra University maintains an acceptance rate of 67.8%. This underscores the university’s highly selective admissions standards, emphasizing the need for meticulous preparation in your application.

To enhance your prospects of securing admission, target academic credentials at the 75th percentile or higher compared to national students. This typically entails aiming for an SAT score between 1190 – 1370 or an ACT score from 26 – 31. Additionally, a GPA of 3.8 or above is highly recommended.

Hofstra University extends offers of admission to a significant portion of its incoming first-year class through the early decision application process. Applicants who opt for this route enjoy a distinct advantage in the selection process. The university provides two rounds of early decision admissions: ED I, with a deadline of November 15, and ED II, with a deadline of January 15.

Hofstra University Admission Requirement

Securing admission to Hofstra University is a challenging endeavor requiring determination and academic excellence. With an acceptance rate of 67.8%, the university ranks among the most selective institutions in New York. Hofstra University maintains rigorous admission criteria, predominantly favoring students who consistently perform in the upper echelons of their high school classes.

ACT Scores Requirements

Based on available admission statistics, Hofstra University routinely admits students with ACT scores ranging from 26 to 31. Successful applicants typically fall within the top 50 percentile of ACT scores nationwide. In some instances, the university acknowledges ACT composite scores as low as 23. Applicants submitting ACT composites of 30 or higher significantly enhance their competitiveness. At the same time, those with scores of 32 and above enjoy exceptionally favorable prospects.

SAT Scores Requirements

Hofstra University typically seeks candidates within the top 50 percentile of SAT test-takers. The university’s acceptable SAT scores extend to a minimum of 1190 on a 1600-point scale, below which achieving admission is within reach. In some instances, students with SAT scores as low as 1100 might receive acceptance. The average SAT composite score for admitted first-year students hovers around 1190 to 1320 out of 1160.

Hofstra University Location

Hofstra University boasts a picturesque campus consistently acclaimed as one of the most beautiful in the nation, attributed to its distinct architectural theme and scenic location. The university is nestled within the village of Hempstead, New York, providing students with a charming and vibrant educational backdrop.

Hofstra University’s campus spans 244 acres of lush and expansive land. The institution also claims an additional 42 acres of pristine, undeveloped woodlands meticulously preserved for prospective expansion and future endeavors.

The university’s inaugural building, originally known as “Hofstra Hall,” is a testament to its rich history. The construction of this tower was a collaborative effort involving students and faculty. This magnificent structure was primarily built using stones from Hofstra University’s quarry. Notably, most campus buildings follow a harmonious stone-based architectural style. Even in constructing newer buildings, materials are carefully selected to maintain the institution’s architectural heritage.

A historic gem on campus, Calkins Hall, an early structure dating back to 1938, holds the honor of inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. This monumental landmark, bearing the architectural fingerprints of famed architects Ernest W. Bowditch and Frederick Law Olmsted, captures the essence of Hofstra University’s rich architectural history.

The heart of the campus, Hofstra University’s Emily Lowe Hall, stands as an iconic and distinctive building. Constructed in 1933, it is a versatile space for various activities, from engaging lectures and captivating performances to enriching concerts and meaningful religious services.

Hofstra University Notable Alumni

Hofstra University takes pride in its alumni; many have achieved notable success in various fields. The accomplishments of Hofstra University graduates exemplify the institution’s commitment to producing influential and accomplished individuals. Some of the distinguished alumni include:

1. Francis T. Adams: A prominent attorney and former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

2. Christopher Albee: A seasoned entertainment executive recognized for contributing to the music and entertainment industry.

3. Gary Dell’Abate: Widely known as “Baba Booey,” Dell’Abate is the executive producer of “The Howard Stern Show.”

4. Susan Lucci: A legendary actress celebrated for her role as Erica Kane on the long-running soap opera “All My Children.”

5. Antonin Scalia: The late Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, renowned for his profound influence on American jurisprudence.

6. Al Roker: A beloved television personality and weather anchor on NBC’s “Today” show.

7. Bernard Marcus: Co-founder of The Home Depot, one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers.

8. Christopher Walken: An Academy Award-winning actor known for captivating performances in numerous films.

9. Mike Richter: A former NHL goaltender who made significant contributions to the New York Rangers’ success.

10. Lester Holt: A distinguished journalist and anchor of NBC Nightly News.

These are just a few examples of the accomplished individuals who have emerged from Hofstra University and have left their mark on various fields, underscoring the institution’s commitment to producing influential and successful graduates.

Hofstra University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

The cost of attendance for undergraduate students enrolled full-time at Hofstra University for the 2022-2023 academic year is as follows:

  • Freshman Resident

Tuition & Fees- $47,510

Room- $17,550

Board- $5,360

Books- $1,500

Transportation- Variable

Miscellaneous- $1,600

TOTAL- $73,520

  • Continuing Resident

Tuition & Fees- $47,510

Room- $17,550

Board- $5,360

Books- $1,500

Transportation- Variable

Miscellaneous- $1,600

TOTAL- $73,520

Hofstra University Scholarship

Hofstra University is committed to making quality education accessible through various scholarship opportunities. These scholarships encompass merit-based and need-based options, allowing eligible students to receive financial assistance.

To qualify for scholarship opportunities at Hofstra University, students must demonstrate their academic achievements, financial needs, and other criteria. The university offers a range of scholarship programs to support students in their academic pursuits. You can check here to explore more about Hofstra University’s scholarship programs and their specific requirements.

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