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What is University of Michigan Known For? Ranking, Acceptance Rate, Scholarships, and More.

The University of Michigan, commonly called U-M, is a prestigious public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Established in 1817, it has a rich history of academic excellence and a commitment to advancing knowledge across a wide spectrum of disciplines, including the arts, sciences, and professional fields. As a public institution, the University of Michigan is renowned for its contributions to education, research, and public service. It is a member of the Association of American Universities, a select group of major research universities in the United States and Canada. It is also one of the nation’s leading public land-grant universities.

The university is organized into several schools and colleges, each with unique programs and admission criteria. These academic divisions provide a diverse range of options for students to pursue their passions and interests. The University of Michigan offers a broad spectrum of academic experiences with seven undergraduate colleges and a graduate school. The university’s campus in Ann Arbor is expansive, covering 745 acres, and is known for its vibrant and picturesque setting. The academic calendar follows a semester-based schedule. In recognition of its academic excellence and research contributions, the University of Michigan consistently ranks among the top national universities. The 2024 edition of Best National Universities by US News & World Report secured the 221st position. This ranking reflects the institution’s commitment to academic advancement and innovation.

Beyond its main campus in Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan has a far-reaching impact. As a land-grant institution, it operates an extensive cooperative extension outreach program across Michigan’s counties. These outreach efforts bring the benefits of research and higher education to communities throughout the state. One of the hallmarks of the University of Michigan is its dedication to student success. With a relatively low student-to-faculty ratio of 9:1, students have the opportunity to engage with their professors and receive personalized attention. This close interaction enhances the learning experience and fosters a supportive academic environment. The University of Michigan boasts a wide array of academic programs, with approximately 80 majors distributed across its various schools and colleges. Students have the flexibility to explore their academic interests and tailor their education to their career goals.

University of Michigan Ranking

The University of Michigan is renowned as an institution of academic excellence, consistently earning top rankings nationally and globally. Its commitment to delivering high-quality education and contributing to various fields of knowledge has solidified its position among the world’s premier universities.

In the 2024 edition of Best National Universities by US News & World Report, the University of Michigan secured an impressive 21st place. This ranking reflects its dedication to academic advancement, research, and innovation, placing it among the nation’s educational elite.

The University of Michigan’s commitment to serving veterans is also notable. It holds the 7th spot in the 2023-2024 Best Colleges for Veterans, showcasing its dedication to supporting those who have served in the military.

Furthermore, the institution excels in undergraduate teaching, securing the 16th position in the 2023-2024 Best Undergraduate Teaching University. This achievement is a testament to the university’s commitment to providing students with an exceptional educational experience.

The University of Michigan is also recognized for its value, ranking #68 in the 2023-2024 Best Value Schools. This ranking underscores its mission to offer a high-quality education that is accessible and affordable to a diverse student body.

In the realm of innovation, the University of Michigan consistently stands out. It is placed at the 11th position in the 2023-2024 Most Innovative Schools ranking, reflecting its pioneering research and educational initiatives.

Additionally, the university’s dedication to social mobility is evident through its 207th position in the 2023-2024 Top Performers on Social Mobility. This ranking highlights its commitment to providing educational opportunities that empower individuals to enhance their lives and communities.

Finally, the University of Michigan is a leader in environmental and environmental health education, ranking 4th in the 2023-2024 Best Environmental/Environmental Health Colleges. This recognition underscores its contributions to addressing critical global environmental and public health challenges.

In summary, the University of Michigan’s consistent top rankings across various categories reflect its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and the betterment of society. It stands as a respected institution both nationally and globally, significantly impacting education and research.

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate

9/2/16 The Center for Campus Involvement welcomes about 4,000 students to campus with Escapade, an evening of food, fun and performances.

Gaining admission to the University of Michigan is a highly competitive endeavor, given its prestigious reputation and expansive alumni network. Meeting the university’s ACT score, SAT, and GPA requirements is crucial to clear the initial hurdles and demonstrate your academic prowess. As of 2023, the University of Michigan’s Acceptance Rate is 20.2%. It is evident that securing a spot at this esteemed institution requires an impressive academic profile.

To enhance your chances of acceptance, you should aim to be in the 75th percentile, which translates to a 1440 SAT or a 33 ACT. Additionally, maintaining a GPA of 3.9 or higher is advisable to be a competitive candidate. The University of Michigan admits a significant portion of its freshmen through early action, providing a strategic advantage. Early application decisions are assessed in the fall, with notifications typically sent in mid-December. It’s essential to be aware that the early action deadline is November 1.

Achieving admission to the University of Michigan is a challenging but rewarding pursuit. The university’s competitive acceptance rate underscores the high academic standards and the quality of its student body. By meeting and exceeding these requirements, prospective students position themselves as strong candidates for this esteemed institution.

University of Michigan Admission Requirements 

Securing admission to the University of Michigan is a highly competitive endeavor due to its esteemed status. The university sets rigorous standards for admission, generally favoring students who perform in the upper echelons of admission test scores. They often admit top-performing high school students, with most incoming freshmen ranking at the pinnacle of their high school class.

ACT Score Requirement

Admission data indicates that the University of Michigan admits students with ACT scores typically above 30. Successful applicants are often in the top 10 percent nationally. In some rare instances, the university may consider scores slightly below this threshold. Applicants with ACT scores between 32 and above stand as particularly strong candidates, while those within the range of 30 to 31 are in the lower half of the competitive pool.

SAT Score Requirement

As a distinguished institution, the University of Michigan seeks applicants who rank among the best in the nation. The university typically evaluates students who achieve SAT scores in the top 10 percent. A competitive SAT score range for consideration at the University of Michigan falls between 1330 and 1500 out of a maximum of 1600. Given the university’s prominent standing among the top 20 in the United States, it is understandable that admission standards are set at this elevated level.

Gaining admission to the University of Michigan is a challenging yet rewarding pursuit. The university’s competitive admission requirements are emblematic of its high academic standards and the caliber of students it attracts. Prospective students who meet and exceed these criteria distinguish themselves as strong candidates for admission to this prestigious institution.

University of Michigan Location

The University of Michigan’s main campus is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, encompassing a sprawling and vibrant community across 3,207 acres in the southeastern part of the state. This picturesque setting offers a dynamic environment for academic pursuits, research, and cultural engagement. The University of Michigan also maintains a presence in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, offering numerous programs and initiatives in collaboration with the city’s resurgence. With additional locations across the state, including Flint and Dearborn, the University extends its commitment to education and community engagement.

Internationally, the University of Michigan has a global presence. It operates in the city of Doha, Qatar, as part of the prestigious Education City, where it hosts a branch of Weill Cornell Medicine. This world-class facility exemplifies the university’s commitment to medical partnerships on a global scale. In addition, the University of Michigan has a rich academic partnership with the city of Rome, Italy, further expanding its global reach. The University of Michigan’s diverse campuses offer students various educational opportunities and experiences in locations that span from the heart of the United States to international destinations, emphasizing the institution’s global impact and commitment to higher learning.

University of Michigan Notable Alumni

The University of Michigan, renowned for its outstanding contributions across various fields, boasts an extensive list of notable alumni who have left a lasting impact on society. These accomplished individuals have excelled in politics, entertainment, science, and business. Here is a list of some distinguished alumni of the University of Michigan:

Gerald Ford – 38th President of the United States

Madonna – Iconic singer, songwriter, and actress

James Earl Jones – Award-winning actor renowned for his powerful voice

Lucas Papademos – Former Prime Minister of Greece

Larry Page – Co-founder of Google

Claire Booth Luce – Prolific playwright, politician, and diplomat

Raoul Wallenberg – Humanitarian who saved thousands during the Holocaust

Harley F. Haber – Inventor and pioneer in cardiac surgery

These exceptional individuals represent only a fraction of the University of Michigan’s accomplished alumni, demonstrating the institution’s influence and contribution to various fields.

University of Michigan Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 

To pursue an undergraduate education at the University of Michigan, it’s essential to understand the associated costs. The expenses can vary depending on your residency status, and here’s a breakdown of the tuition and fees:

In-State Freshman Resident:

– Tuition & Fee: $15,262

– Room: $11,198

– Board: $4,394

– Books: $1,048

– Transportation: Variable

– Miscellaneous: $2,454


Out-of-State Freshman Resident:

– Tuition & Fee: $53,118

– Room: $11,198

– Board: $4,394

– Books: $1,048

– Transportation: Variable

– Miscellaneous: $2,454

Total: $72,212

In-State Continuing Resident:

– Tuition & Fee: $15,262

– Room: $11,198

– Board: $4,394

– Books: $1,048

– Transportation: Variable

– Miscellaneous: $2,454

Total: $34,356

Out-of-State Continuing Resident:

– Tuition & Fee: $53,118

– Room: $11,198

– Board: $4,394

– Books: $1,048

– Transportation: Variable

– Miscellaneous: $2,454

Total: $72,212

University of Michigan Scholarships 

University of Michigan ScholarshipsThe University of Michigan, committed to providing opportunities for students to achieve their educational goals, offers a range of scholarships and financial aid programs. These scholarships aim to make quality education accessible and help students pursue their dreams.

While the university recognizes academic excellence and offers a variety of scholarships based on merit, it also provide need-based financial aid to assist students who require support to fund their education.

Some of the scholarship options at the University of Michigan include:

1. Academic Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements and can vary by school or college within the university.

2. Need-Based Financial Aid: The University of Michigan ensures that financial circumstances do not hinder deserving students from obtaining an education. They provide grants and scholarships for those who qualify.

3. External Scholarships: Students are encouraged to explore external scholarships from various organizations, foundations, and government programs.

4. Veteran Education Benefits: The university supports and guides veterans, active-duty service members, and their families to access their education benefits.

The University of Michigan is renowned for its academic excellence. With the available scholarships and financial aid programs, it strives to make this excellence accessible to a diverse range of students. It’s important to prepare thoroughly, submit your applications diligently, and remain dedicated to your studies once you become a part of this esteemed institution. To find out more details on available scholarships, check their official website here.

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