Is History a Good Major?

History is a Humanities course that studies past events, details of their historical occurrence, and their consequential impact on modern societies. This course aims to answer diverse questions on significant historical events, the causes and reasons behind them, and how our society, economic and even political landscape changed in relation to these histories. Due to how broad and much history can be, it is usually divided into parts for specialization.

For education purposes, history is often divided into various subdisciplines associated with a particular period, subject or country. This helps students understand the course better and gives them the opportunity to specialize in a particular historical period and field, such as Ancient History, Political History, Contemporary History, Indigenous Studies, Economic History, Western Civilization, Economic History, and Cultural History. History brings closure to the present day, helping us understand our background, culture and even the general growth or downfall of the human race. By studying history, we understand the past, which helps us better analyze the present and eventually predict or determine the future. 

Why Study History?

Just like the good old saying goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are compelled to repeat it”. This is more than enough reason to study and understand our history and events that took place way before we were born. This is very important because, as proven, events and certain trends are most likely to repeat themselves, and what better way to handle these events effectively in the present if we don’t know what happened in the past?

Apart from analyzing past events, studying history also helps students build versatile skills needed in today’s world. Majoring In history is an easy way to gain analytic and research skills as an art student. While studying past events, you should pay attention to details in order to be able to carve out important details that would be useful in analyzing the event. This skill can be translated in the normal work industry as analytical skills required to tackle problems and provide solutions through thorough research and fast thinking.

Benefits of Studying History

Going into the future, a good understanding of the past is very important; from where we come from, how it all started, the basics of life, the past sacrifices made, and even the events that shaped the world today would give you a clear understanding of why and where we are today. From the American Revolution, the great World Wars, the Culture of the Renaissance, the history of the Environmental movement, Slavery and many more, you get to understand and see the world from a different and clear perspective, all thanks to history.

The and more just further highlights the importance and many benefits of history, from its societal and developmental impact to the skillsets it provides students with, which include;

Analytical Skills

History provides students with analytical skills which can help them process information from raw facts and data, draft reports, identify problems and suggest solutions. All these and more are skills acquired from studying history which also apply in various industries outside of that of the course, therefore proving the strength and diversity of this particular major.

Research Skills

As history students, you might be required to use a scientific approach to carry out research on certain historical events, ideas and even places. This provides a better and more accurate understanding of these events, ruling out doubt, miscalculations or errors in analyzing and reporting these events.

Debunks History myths

There are lots of myths out there about various historical events. These myths are due to a need for more understanding and interpretation of past events. This is one of the major areas history has helped address because how can we learn from a past event if we still need to learn the full or correct story about the event?

Global Connection

With history, we learn about different people, cultures, societies and various past events across the world. Through this knowledge, you can best relate and interact with people across the world from different tribes and backgrounds and understand them because, to an extent, you share part of their history. With this, you can also provide means to help them.

Career Opportunities in History

History Students usually take different jobs, playing different roles in society today. Thanks to the diversity of the course, history graduates can easily succeed in almost any industry and can work anywhere in the world. Some of the job opportunities for History graduates include;

  • Research Analyst
  • Historian
  • Librarian 
  • Curator
  • Museum Conservator
  • Editor
  • Lawyer
  • Tour Guide
  • Archeologist
  • Geographer
  • Politician
  • Heritage Manage 
  • Paralegal

History is a brilliant major; it pushes you to think better, improves your understanding of complex subjects and events, and opens your eyes to different cultures, people and societies, therefore promoting acceptance of one another and unity of the entire world, which is what we need in such a diverse society we find ourselves in today.

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