Is Management a Good Major

Management is both a science and an art course (depending on the Institution, it can be taken as BA [Bachelor of Art] or as BSc [Bachelor of Science]), comprehensive studies of the general operation and organization of a company, firm, or industry. It introduces students to business application, accounting, record keeping, statistics, and financing, properly preparing them for managerial roles and the skills required to successfully handle and develop an organization. 

Management is a popular term today, but to be frank, it still needs to be fully understood. Although there are some popular aspects of Management, like business and Financial Management, the course itself embodies all these other minor courses to form a full all-around degree that is designed to help elevate any business, organization and even individual through the well-strategized piloting from a management graduate.

Why Study Management 

Typically companies offer a wide range of managerial positions, from supervisor roles such as R&D Executive, Sales and General managers, to top executive roles such as CEO, CTO and CFO, whose duties and tasks required of them are all taught in Management. As a major, Management prepares graduates for managerial roles, overseeing the daily activities of organizations to ensure smooth and effective operation in the short term and improved productivity and profits in the long term.

The course introduces you to accounting, teaching a bit of Computing and data filing, management applications, action research, business environment analysis, and business law; it also trains students on business statistics, financial Mathematics, marketing theory and practices, management science, system thinking and organization studies. This and more comes with Management Major, providing you with vast knowledge of all key elements of directing a successful company and a wide variety of career fields to choose from and specialize in.

Benefits of Studying Management

There are endless possibilities and opportunities attached to studying Management. As a course, it gives students advanced training in leadership and decision-making roles in order to produce a world-class manager who can easily take on any challenge.

Thanks to the broad but interesting curriculum, Management can be studied as an art-related course, exploring the social and economic aspects of managing and running a business and providing details on how best to handle negotiations and business deals. At the same time, it follows a more scientific part, researching and experimenting on human behaviours to best handle and manage staff as HR Manager, and consumer analysis to successfully determine how best to serve customers. Management provides graduates with the following skills to carry out these roles best properly;

Communication Skills

Management teaches students effective communication skills, an important element in business handling. The course helps improve human interaction and relationships, teaching students how to successfully pass information across and build trust and understanding between staff and customers. 

Global Interaction Standards

There is no doubt that Management is in need everywhere, no matter the company, industry or even country, good management personnel is still required to help the business thrive, and the economy succeed. Management is a global course whose degree can be used and applied anywhere.

Innovative Skills

Managers are known to be Innovative and critically analytic in problem-tackling and solving. They brainstorm ideas and bring strategies that would help the organization succeed and produce excellent results for maximum profits.

Career Opportunities in Management 

Management provides a lot of job opportunities for graduates and a wide variety of career options to choose from. Most Management graduates like to specialize in a specific type or field of Management, which can be very beneficial if you can maximize the knowledge gained while schooling and elevate to the highest career point. These opportunities include;

  • Human Resources Officer
  • IT Manager 
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Consultant 
  • Public Relation Manager
  • General Manager
  • Accountant
  • Senior Employment Analyst 
  • Social Media Manager

Management is a very good and interesting major in any university. In contrast, an Art or Science degree would equip you with business survival skills to thrive in any industry, working for any organization or even starting out yours. You will as long as you have a well-planned life goal and the determination to achieve it. And if not, Management can be your perfect lifelong career and would give you attainable goals.

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