What is Ohio State University Known For? Rankings, Acceptance Rate, Scholarships and more 

Ohio State University, often referred to simply as Ohio State, is a prominent public research university located in Columbus, Ohio. It was established in 1870 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most comprehensive institutions in the United States. Ohio State is known for its diverse academic offerings and vibrant campus life.

The university’s campus spans over 1,700 acres in the heart of Columbus, providing its students with a dynamic and urban environment. With a wide range of majors and minors across numerous academic departments, Ohio State offers a diverse and enriching educational experience. The university is committed to research and innovation, with faculty members engaged in groundbreaking work across various fields. Ohio State University provides an excellent education for its large student body, with a commitment to academic excellence.

Ohio State University Ranking

Ohio State University, a prestigious public research institution, holds a strong position in various university rankings. The university’s academic excellence and research contributions make it stand out among educational institutions in the United States.

In national rankings, Ohio State consistently earns high recognition, recently ranking #43 in the 2023-2024 edition; the U.S. News & World Report acknowledges Ohio State as one of the top national universities, a testament to its comprehensive academic offerings and commitment to research. Additionally, the university’s dedication to undergraduate teaching places it at #39 prominently in the rankings for this category. Ohio State also excels in promoting social mobility, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds have access to quality education. Its commitment to affordability and value is evident in its rankings at #186, making it one of the best value schools. Furthermore, Ohio State University is recognized as an excellent school for veterans, fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment for retired military personnel, ranking #24. These rankings reflect Ohio State’s dedication to academic excellence and its ongoing contributions to education and research.

Ohio State University Acceptance Rate

Gaining admission to Ohio State University is a competitive endeavor due to the institution’s academic reputation and high standards. Meeting the university’s GPA and SAT/ACT requirements is crucial to navigating the initial phase of the admissions process and demonstrate your academic readiness.

As of 2023, Ohio State University maintains an acceptance rate that reflects its selectivity. With an acceptance rate that hovers at a competitive level, it’s evident that thorough preparation and a strong application are essential. To enhance your chances of admission, aiming for academic performance at or above the 75th percentile among national students is advisable. A solid SAT score of around 1400 or an ACT score of 32, coupled with a GPA of 3.50 or higher, is recommended. It’s worth noting that Ohio State University offers an early decision admission process that can provide a significant advantage in the application process. This early decision option includes two rounds: ED I, with a deadline of November 15, and ED II, with a deadline of January 15. These early decision opportunities can be strategic for applicants looking to secure their spot at the university.

Ohio State University Admission Requirement

Gaining admission to Ohio State University is challenging, as the institution upholds high standards and is known for its selectivity. Applicants to Ohio State University are expected to meet rigorous admission requirements, including impressive standardized test scores and a strong academic record.

When it comes to ACT scores, available admission data suggests that Ohio State University often admits students with ACT scores ranging from 31 to 34. Successful applicants typically achieve ACT scores that place them in the top 15 percent nationally. In some cases, the university may accept ACT composite scores as low as 30, although candidates with scores of 31 or higher are more likely to have a competitive advantage.

Regarding SAT scores, Ohio State University generally looks for applicants who rank within the top 12 percent of SAT takers. The university usually considers SAT scores down to 1340 on the 1600 scale as competitive for admission, although some students may be admitted with scores as low as 1250. The estimated average SAT composite score for admitted freshmen is around 1400 out of 1600. These test score requirements highlight the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and the competitiveness of the admissions process.

Ohio State University Location

Ohio State University boasts a picturesque campus known for its unique architectural design and beautiful natural surroundings. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the university’s campus encompasses a vast area that combines modern facilities with serene green spaces.

The university’s historic roots are reflected in its architecture and structures. Ohio State University’s campus features a mix of traditional and contemporary buildings. Notable among them is Orton Hall, an iconic structure added to the National Register of Historic Places. Architectural visionaries, including Howard Dwight Smith and Joseph Bradford, shaped the university’s original campus plan. The campus offers a vibrant and diverse environment for learning and activities.

Ohio State University Notable Alumni

Ohio State University takes pride in its accomplished alumni who have made significant contributions to various fields. Among its notable graduates are:

  • Jack Nicklaus: One of the greatest golfers of all time, Jack Nicklaus has won numerous major championships and is often called the “Golden Bear.”
  • Patricia Heaton: A renowned actress known for her roles in popular TV series like “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “The Middle.”
  • R.L. Stine: A best-selling author famous for his Goosebumps series of children’s horror books.
  • Archie Griffin: The only two-time winner of the Heisman Trophy in college football history.
  • Roy Lichtenstein: A prominent pop artist recognized for his comic book-style artwork.
  • Les Wexner: The founder of L Brands, a major retail company that includes brands like Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.
  • Jesse Owens: An iconic track and field athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  • Jeff Smith: Known as “The Frugal Gourmet,” he was a popular TV chef and cookbook author.

These alumni, among many others, showcase the diverse and accomplished individuals who have emerged from Ohio State University.

Ohio State University Undergraduate Tuition and Fee

Below is the 2022-2023 academic year; the cost of attendance for undergraduate students enrolled full-time at Ohio State University is as follows:

Ohio Resident:

– Tuition: $11,358

– Room: $7,218

– Board: $5,656

– Books and Supplies: $1,264

– Transportation: $1,234

– Miscellaneous: $2,160

TOTAL: $28,890

Non-Ohio Resident:

– Tuition & Fees: $34,570

– Room: $7,218

– Board: $5,656

– Books and Supplies: $1,264

– Transportation: $1,234

– Miscellaneous: $2,160

TOTAL: $52,102

Ohio State University Scholarship

Ohio State University offers a range of scholarship opportunities to help students with their educational expenses. These scholarships are available for various categories, including academic merit, financial need, and specific areas of study. To explore the scholarship programs, eligibility criteria, and application procedures at Ohio State University, you can visit their website here.